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YARDMAX YB6270 snow blower review

The YARDMAX name is not a novelty on the market of outdoor power equipment. From their line of snow blowers, today we’re looking at YARDMAX YB6270, a two-stage unit supposed to tackle heavy snowfalls. With an LCT engine and assembled in China, at the company’s own factories, this model seems to have great potential. We’re here to find out if it can really slice through chunks of ice…

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
Customers Reviews
Final Considerations

YARDMAX YB6270 main technical features

Advertised as a powerful solution for all kinds of snow and snowfalls, this snow blower isn’t entirely manufactured by YARDMAX. As previously suggested, the engine carries the LCT logo, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

LCT stands for Liquid Combustion Technology and represents a very popular US owned company. They specialize in manufacturing four-cycle air-cooled gasoline engines for various outdoor equipment.  They’ve been on the market for over 25 years no. So, wherever you see this LCT logo, you can expect for a reliable and powerful engine.


Consequently, YARDMAX YB6270 is powered by a more than decent engine – LCT Stormforce 208 – that boasts:

The unit features a self-propelled driving system with multiple speed transmission. You can count on 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, so you can make way through the harshest conditions. As for the clearing width that you’re getting from this snow blower, it measures 24 inches.

Now that the tech details have been covered, let’s focus a little bit on the overall design. You must have seen it by now in countless photographs, but there’s definitely more than meets the eye about it.

The design of YARDMAX YB6270 snow blower

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YARDMAX YB6270 is not necessarily a small snow blower, as it measures 28.3 x 54.7 x 41.7 inches. It comes, however, with a much lighter structure than you would expect, weighing only 161 pounds. As YARDMAX suggests, it was built with an ideal weight balance to guarantee the operator’s comfort.

Nevertheless, this model relies on a solid steel construction where even the auger and the chute are made of steel. This choice is not very common for chutes, in general, most manufacturers opting for plastic models.

The high-speed impeller with a 12-inch diameter was engineered to ensure minimal snow blowback and maximum throwing distance. Paired with an extended chute, it can face even the most difficult snow through a tight, effective discharge.

The start is a breeze, whether you decide to use the push-button electric start or the recoil backup. So is the maneuvering, thanks to the 13×4-inch tires that you can always backup with chains and the self-propelled drive. Always ready to dive in, there’s this pair of an auger with 12 inches in diameter and an axe-shaped housing. The last one carries a special design for chopping ice packs and compressed snow.

Suffices to say, for now, that YARDMAX YB6270 sure looks like it can stand to the promises that it makes. Even so, will our readers confirm the technical and design features of this snow blower?

What customers have to say about YARDMAX YB6270

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Generally, yes, customer reviews cast light on it. Great price for the quality it provides, capable of cutting through icy snow, easy to put together and to maneuver. They say that in less than 35 minutes the whole thing is equipped.

Some of our readers had a hard time discovering what type of oil works best with it. But if you’ve carefully read our YARDMAX YB6270 snow blower review, you already have the answer on that.
Others were unhappy about the metal shoes. The manufacturer had a quick solution for that one, suggesting to replace them with poly shoes. Speaking of which, pretty much everywhere online you can notice how active they are in answering customers’ questions. Those who happened to receive faulty units had them changed without problems.

If there’s one inconvenient that many users reported, it has to do with the delivery through the CEVA freight company. But we warned you from the beginning that it is supposed to come all the way from China…

Pros & cons of using this snow blower

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A general, solid opinion on this snow blower is beginning to take shape. Let’s briefly revise the main pros and cons as they result from the entire above.

On the plus side, YARDMAX YB6270 is:

  • Reliable and easy to start in any condition, due to the two individual starting options, electric and recoil;
  • Easy to maneuver thanks to the self-propelled driving system;
  • Equipped to face even packed ice and compact snow with its serrated steel augers and axe-shaped housing;
  • Durable thanks to its reputable engine and solid steel frame;
  • Relatively easy to put together.

On the downside, this model:

  • Is gas-powered, which means that along with the extra power comes the extra maintenance;
  • Has no control dashboard or LED headlight, as opposed to the 26-inch version;
  • Comes from China, which means that the delivery might put your patience to the test.

Warranty & support terms for YARDMAX YB6270

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All YARDMAX snow blowers have a 2-year warranty. This model makes no exception, though little did we encounter readers who had to send it into service.

As with any other snow blower out there, the warranty doesn’t cover defects caused by normal wear and tear. Accidents, neglect use or improper assembly and maintenance also void the warranty.
Needless to insist on this one, the 2-year warranty targets residential users only. For commercial use, you only have a 90-day limited warranty.

Contacting the manufacturer for any questions or problems, details of what the warranty covers included, is always the best choice. You’ll be surprised by how cooperative they are!

Final considerations of YARDMAX YB6270

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You’ve seen it yourself, there’s nothing much to say against YARDMAX YB6270. Perhaps the price isn’t the most affordable you could get. Even so, we rarely encounter a snow blower with such tempting features. And you’ve heard the reviews – good money for the value. If you’re actively looking for a sturdy and reliable unit, we think you cannot go wrong with this one.

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