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WORX WG650 snow thrower

WORX WG650 continues the series of electric snow blowers. Designed to operate on flat terrains, against fluffy light snow, the manufacturer says it’s great for medium usage. So let’s take a closer look at this corded electric snow blower, getting behind the scenes and behind its hood.

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
Customers Reviews
Final Considerations


WORX WG650 main technical features

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The most important technical features of WORX WG650 derive from its engine. If we were to stick exclusively to numbers, we would say that the snow blower is powered by a 13 Amp high-performance engine. Speaking of how fast it can juggle with the snow, the torque of this engine is 120 ft-lb.

Just to translate these technical details into something more specific, the unit should clear a path of 18 x 9. 18 inches in width and 9 inches in depth define the overall performance. Moreover, the fully flexible chute with oversized adjuster can rotate to 180-degree.
Under the right conditions, on dry snow of moderate depth, the snow blower should throw snow up to 30 feet. Its rubber-tipped auger steel will simply glide underneath the fluffy snow. So far, one might say that there’s nothing particularly special with WORX WG650, at least not in this chapter.

The design of WORX WG650 snow blower

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If there’s anything to catch the eye from a first glance, it will certainly be the design. WORX WG650 comes almost already mounted, accompanied by an informative instruction manual.

Assembled, this snow thrower measures 20.7 x 18.9 x 18.9 inches and weighs 26.5 pounds. Boasting a pair of compact wheels with a rather uncommon design, it showcases improved maneuverability from a distance. Moreover, their close positioning to the unit provides extra mobility. When stored, they take up less space compared to other wheeled electric models.
But the entire design aims for ease of use. You have quick clamps that allow a fast adjustment of the handlebar and of the assembly. To be more specific, you have 3 different adjustable positions to set the height of the handles. And you have the chute adjuster placed right on the handlebars, specifically oversized to be accessed with your gloves on.

All these ergonomic design details should reduce fatigue as they considerably increase your comfort during use. Off-season, you can store the snow blower in a box, by collapsing the handles and folding the machine. Or you can hang it up on your garage’s wall.

What customers have to say about WORX WG650

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If you’ve researched even just a bit the market, you’ll know what to look for in this WORX WG650. As an electric snow blower, users agree that it kind of struggles in wet snow. That’s a shortage that anyone looking to buy such models should be well aware of.

However, there are plenty other machines out there, some of them even gas powered, bogging into wet snow. So let’s move on and see what else customers would say about it:

  • This model is lightweight and, therefore, sometimes difficult to push. While it runs smooth through regular snow, it requires some effort when you’re dealing with messy snow.
  • The cord is an important aspect to take into account. As a small design flaw, WORX WG650 seems to be easily unplugged at the blower’s end. Though a locking catch or strap would be much appreciated, users also insist on the right cord.
  • The most suitable extension cord should be specifically made for outdoor usage, with proper insulation. The blue, cold-flexible extension cords available even on Amazon would do the work properly.
  • As a caution, to avoid potential damages, users suggest to never store it wet, not even in between snowfalls. Because of the plastic outer case, the water that gets into crannies and nooks can easily freeze. When that happens, it will expand its volume, potentially causing small cracks into the hood or loosening some components. That’s why you will have to keep it for a few hours inside the house. Cover it with a blanket, to make sure it gets completely dry before moving it to a cool place.

Pros & cons of using this snow blower

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With all the manufacturer’s good intentions, advantages and disadvantages stem from both the design and the technical configuration. Nothing unexpected or uncommon for a snow blower, WORX WG650 offers the following:


  • Surprisingly easy to put together and to maneuver;
  • Very comfortable and convenient to use, as well as to store;
  • Easy start, that implies a simple button push;
  • Considerably quiet compared to other models, particularly to gas models;
  • Requires no gas, oil, tune-ups or any kind of maintenance;
  • Quite powerful and suitable for low to moderate snow, provided it’s fluffy and dry, not wet.


  • It is not self-propelled, implying some extra pushes depending on the terrain and the snow level;
  • It can get clogged easily with wet snow, requiring often stops;
  • The corded powering source will limit the area you can cover, depending on the extension cord you’re using;
  • The proper extension cord for this snow blower, a heavy-duty model, can be quite expensive.

Warranty & support terms for WORX WG650

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Using a WORX WG650 will only ensure you a 3-years guarantee from the date of purchase for personal use. The manufacturer’s policy covers any faulty materials and workmanship.
This 3-year term is an update on their policy, which targets all models sold after 1st of January 2013. Before that, the warranty for the machine was 2 years. However, one would have to officially register its WORX WG650 snow blower at www.worx.com, only to activate that warranty.

Just like with many other models, there are wearable parts that don’t make the subject of warranty. Also, warranty won’t cover damages caused by foreign objects, accidents or the contact with some altering substances.
Misuse, abuse, neglect, any damages manifested while the equipment was rented will, again, void the warranty, just like unauthorized handling. So whatever problems you are dealing with, it is best to address the manufacturer. No matter what, don’t open up the machine and make your own service intervention!

Final considerations of WORX WG650

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WORX WG650 is a decent alternative to any other electric snow blower on the market. It sure has its limitations, but the manufacturer itself never advertised it for heavy snow. Living in areas with moderate winters and looking to ease shoveling are strong enough reasons to test this particular model. Carefully ponder the goods and the bads and, if the price is right to you, by all means, give it a try!

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