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Toro 38381 vs Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E

Searching for a corded electric snow blower, a few names might pop up more rapidly than others. Toro and Snow Joe, for instance, are hugely popular in this niche. But while you think you’ve heard about the latter more often, you might be surprised. Comparing the Toro 38381 and Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E you’ll notice how Toro is more intensively reviewed over the web.

In case you were wondering why make this particular comparison, Toro 38381 vs Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E… The answer is simple: each one is a corded electric snow blower, with the same engine and relatively similar performances. They are from the same class of single-stage blowers. And if you need aid with light, fluffy snow, this is the kind of product you should be looking for. It’s not going to be easy to decide, yet we hope that seeing all their features in one place will help.

Engine and power

As parts of the corded electric snow blower class, they have the same OEM Branded engine make, clocked at 15 Amp. The Toro 38381 can be powered with a maximum extension cord of 150 ft. And the Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E with a 100 ft cord. Moreover, according to the main tech features, it appears that the units are slightly different in the following terms:

  • With the Toro 38381 you get: 18 x 12 inches clearing path, 30 feet snow throw distance, ~700 pounds of snow removal per minute;
  • With the Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E you get: 18 x 10 inches clearing path, 25 feet snow throw distance, ~720 pounds of snow removal per minute.

As usual, we won’t jump to conclusions before we consider all the other tech and design features that will dictate your experience. 2 extra inches of the clearing path for the Toro or 20 extra pounds of extra snow removal for the Snow Joe… These are just details of a bigger picture. And you’re far from deciding on the best corded electric snow blower just by these facts.

Other technical features

Both units were conceived for tackling light, fluffy snow, as already mentioned. One difference, however, would be that the Toro 38381 is advertised as particularly effective for flat terrain. While the other model is said to also work on sloped terrain. These are, of course, mentions from the manufacturer.

Perhaps the tires are a good clue, as the one for flat terrain has taller and thinner tires (6 x 1.5 inches). Whereas the one for sloped terrain has smaller but bulkier tires (4.5 x 2.5 inches). And since you’re going to be the one who manually pushes this thing, it might make a difference. But here’s what else will make a difference:

  • The Toro 38381 comes with: 7 inches auger diameter, 18 inches clearing width, 8 inches ideal snow depth, and 160 degrees chute rotation turning radius.
  • The Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E comes with: 10 inches auger diameter, same 18 inches clearing width, 10 inches ideal snow depth, and 180 degrees chute rotation turning radius.

By now, your eyes are probably sparkling at the sight of the extra inches promised by the Snow Joe corded electric snow blower. You might be even ready to order it, though, we have to remind you one thing. It still has the same engine and, in theory, the same power as the Toro 38381! So, if you take two units equally powerful and have them fight with the same kind of snow… Do you think it is wise to cut bigger or smaller chunks of snow at once?

From where we stand, it looks like the Toro would be more likely to do a good job, as it takes smaller steps. They both have an electric start and a corded engine, so you’re not in a race against time. And even if you’ll have to make a few extra passes, you are less likely to see it clogging. Of course, the design features from below will also help you see things in a better light…


As much as the technical configuration matters, the looks cannot be ignored either. From how much you like the appearance of your corded electric snow blower to how comfortable you feel working with it… Let’s say there are still plenty of things that can make the difference even in this chapter of the overall design. From this perspective, you should take the following into account:

The Toro 38381:

  • Is made entirely of plastic – body, auger, chute;
  • Weighs as little as 24 pounds and measures 36.2 x 18 x 47 inches;
  • Comes with 6-inch wheels and snow-gripping traction;
  • Has 1 forward and 1 reverse speed;
  • Features manual pitch control;
  • Has an adjustable zip deflector with 3 positions;
  • Boasts a full-bail ergonomic handle and a handy lift-handle, so you can grab it and take it wherever you need;
  • Includes the Power Curve technology, with curved rotor and inverted funnel housing, preventing clogging and clearing snow down to the pavement.

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E:

  • Is made of plastic (the body and the chute) and steel (the auger);
  • Weighs 34 pounds and measures 38 x 19 x 45 inches;
  • Comes with 4.5-inch easy-glide tires;
  • Has 0 forward and 0 reverse speeds;
  • Features the same manual pitch control;
  • Includes a heavy-grade steel 4-blade rotor and an effective scraper blade;
  • Adds in a handy, onboard 20 W halogen headlight.

And as far as warranty and certifications are concerned, we’re looking at a 2-year manufacturer warranty on both models. They’re both CSA listed, the Toro 38381 also 1-UL Listed, and the Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E ETL Listed. All these considered, we now have pretty much all the facts to give a verdict…


In a nutshell, the Toro 38381 vs Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E comparison comes down to: same engine, same warranty, same price range. The Toro name may or may not be as popular as the Snow Joe name. But when it comes to these two particular models… You can see for yourself that the Toro 38381 has been bought more times and it is also more intensively discussed. Lighter and with a slightly smaller clearing and plowing capacity, it can work better. As suggested, it has the same power and it sets smaller, easier to reach goals. Plus, it seems to put great emphasis on some comfortable design details.

If winters in your area allow it and a corded electric snow blower will make a difference… Let the Toro 38381 make that difference for you!

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