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Toro 38381 vs Snow Joe Ultra SJ621

An electric snow blower is a natural choice for those looking to avoid the hassle of a gas powered unit. Well-aware of their power limitations, many of our readers are still interested in analyzing and comparing different models. Our series of comparative reviews, therefore, continues with electric choices in mind. So today it’s going to be about Toro 38381 vs Snow Joe Ultra SJ621.

From technical features to design details, we are going to take a close look. Let’s see which one would better face a light snowfall.

Engine and Power

We mentioned light snowfall because any electric snow blower honestly advertised by the manufacturer makes this limitation clear. Electric units cannot handle heavy snows and the wetter and heavier the snow, the more challenging the clearing will be.

From this perspective, Toro 38381 boasts a 15 Amp power source and should throw up to 700-pounds of snow every minute. The Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 model is a little behind, with only 13.5 Amp power source and a capacity of 650-pounds of snow per minute.

Easy to notice, the difference of power and plowing capacity is not major. Moreover, Snow Joe makes up when it comes to the discharge chute, which rotates to 180-degree. By comparison, the Toro model’s chute is limited to only 160-degree.
All the technical terms left aside, the clearing path of an electric snow blower makes the difference. At this chapter, Toro has, again, a slight advantage: 18-inch width and 12-inch depth as opposed to only 18-inch width and 10-inch depth of its competitor. Not much you’d say, but when you’re out in the cold, it could make a difference!

Other technical features

Aside from power and clearing path, how far will the electric snow blower disperse snow is another key question. While Toro 38381 brags throwing snow up to 30 feet, Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 can only claim 20 feet. Rest assured, many reviews on both sides contradict this information. Differences are obviously dictated by how wet the snow is, which also determines how easy the chute will clog.

Another manufacturer claim that our readers have argued relates to the snow height that the unit can handle. The Toro model should face snow of up to 10 inches height. The Snow Joe model works best with snow of up to 6 inches height. Again, numbers vary depending on the type of snow!


Any electric snow blower is visibly smaller, less bulky, and easier to assemble compared to gas units. But when it comes to comparing Toro 38381 vs Snow Joe Ultra SJ621, listing inches isn’t necessarily conclusive. The Toro model measures 47 x 18 x 36.2 inches and the Snow Joe model measures 45 x 19 x 38 inches. It takes a good look at the two of them and it might seem that Toro is a bit smaller.

Moreover, Toro is also lighter weighing only 24 pounds, compared to the 33 pounds of Snow Joe electric snow blower. With a Toro 38381, you should enjoy ergonomic handles and adjustable options on snow shoveling and snow throwing. While the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621model isn’t necessarily as adjustable, it sure has a 20-watt Halogen light. That’s one chapter where Snow Joe actually takes the lead!


Every single section of this electric snow blower comparative review indicated Toro as taking a lead. Differences are not massive, but they stand out at every section. Also conclusive, this model is among the most popular in its category on Amazon.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 is still an option to consider. But if you were wondering which one is better, Toro 38381 looks like a winner.

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