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Toro 38381 snow blower review

Considered one of the top manufacturers of electric snow throwers in the United States, Toro 38381 is the type of lightweight, convenient to use snow blower that does a good job with light snow. The price that fluctuates around $250, the promise of a maintenance-free experience, as well as all the attention to details that this unit showcases make it a popular product in the niche of Patio, Lawn & Garden tools. Here’s what you should know about it, before you decide if it’s the right choice for your particular needs:

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
Customers Reviews
Final Considerations

Toro 38381 main technical features

Toro 38381 promises a completely hassle-free experience and makes use of a 15 Amp power source. Its technical configuration recommends it as perfect for a wide range of residential areas, from walkways and patios to decks or small driveways.

This snow blower can clear paths of 18-inches width and 12-inches depth. Depending on the thickness of the snow and how wet it is, it can throw snow up to 30 feet and move approximately 700-pounds of snow per minute.

Effective snow clearing is also insured through a 160-degree adjustable chute and a zip deflector that provides more control on how high to throw the snow, while the curved rotor and the inverted funnel housing prevent clogging and ensure an optimal cleared path.

The design of Toro 38381 snow blower

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Obeying the design principles of any electric snow blower, Toro 38381 is just as small and lightweight as it can be. It weighs 24 pounds and measures 36.2 x 18 x 47 inches, which means it is quite easy to handle on any surface, by anyone.
The unit comes assembled and it will require a simple unfold of the handle and tightening it with two knobs. After that, you take it out, have it sit on its two large 6-inch wheels that provide a great snow-gripping traction, plug in a cord and start doing your job.

What is different about Toro 38381, however, it’s the full-bail ergonomic handle together with the Power Curve technology, the last one allowing it to clean down to the pavement and prevent clogging.

Moreover, the snow blower’s zip deflector provides a choice between high, low and in-between snow throwing, while the lift handle makes it very easy to grab it and move it wherever you need. All these considered, this snow blower sure looks like a catch. What’s the general feedback on using it, you wonder?

What customers have to say about Toro 38381

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Users all over US have different opinions about this product. But as it turns out, the harder the winters in their living areas, the higher the disappointments are. Toro 38381:

  • Works best with snow layers of maximum 10 inches height;
  • As long as the layers aren’t bigger, it does a good job no matter how heavy wet or powdery deep they are;
  • And it also works well on sloped areas.

On the downside,

  • The bigger the snow, the smaller and shorter the snow bites should be, in order to clear the path easily;
  • Also, one might have to go out and take more rounds of snow blowing, just to avoid letting it pile up;
  • And the feeling of bumping into some stones or ice chunks is rather strange, as the chute makes quite an alarming sound while throwing it out.

Nevertheless, the biggest warning that users have is to never go cheap with the cord!
Apparently, the best option to power up a Toro 38381 snow blower would be a heavy duty style cord, no longer than 100 feet. Otherwise, you might deal with power drop offs and even with a potential cord meltdown!

Pros & cons of using this snow blower

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Toro 38381 was designed with the consumer’s comfort in mind; therefore, the advantages of acquiring and using this particular snow blower are hard to beat:

  • It is lightweight, easy to handle and to maneuver by anyone, with ergonomic handles and special lift handles for easy transport;
  • It is maintenance free, because of its electric power source, sparing you from having to deal with oil changes or gas refills;
  • It is compact and easy to store, requiring just a simple folding of the handle;
  • It features the effective Power Curve technology, that makes sure your snow blower shovels even more snow, as close to the ground as possible, while preventing clogging.

As far as its drawbacks are concerned, they are mostly dictated by the limitations of an electric engine. Consequently, Toro 38381:

  • Doesn’t do great with heavy snows;
  • The cord limits the area you can cover, and with a too long cord it will experience power drop offs;
  • It might take longer to use it, because of having to move slower and cover smaller chunks of snow than you’d do with a gas unit;
  • It requires more care because you need to carry the cord around the yard and make sure you don’t step over it;
  • The chute is only adjustable up to 160 degrees, not 180 degrees like with many other models.

Warranty & support terms for Toro 38381

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Purchasing a Toro 38381 will give you a 2-year full warranty for residential use, on product defects only. Should the cause of malfunction be the inappropriate use of product, warranty might be void.

For replacement or repair of the unit, the customer should return the complete snow blower to the seller, together with the proof or purchase.

Final considerations of Toro 38381

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The brand’s reputation left aside, Toro 38381 is an electric unit with a more than decent price, which also makes quite a lot of efforts to satisfy its users. Given its electric-corded power source, the unit does a great job, provided you use it in the right conditions and with its physical limitations in mind. While it cannot compare to a traditional gas snow blower, it is definitely among the top rated electric snow throwers out there. So if you usually have mild winters, by all means, you should consider a Toro 38381.

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