Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 vs GreenWorks 2600502(Click on the image for more info on

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 vs GreenWorks 2600502

One of the reasons why people choose electric snow blowers is to get rid of gas fill-ups and heavy machinery. But if you’ve searched the market well enough… You know that with a cord or a set of batteries you’re not necessarily getting a light electric snow blower. We’ve seen electric models of over 100 lbs and models of around 30 lbs. The latter is, of course, the preferred version, which is why we’re going to stick to it. In today’s comparative review, we’ve picked two light electric snow blowers from this category: Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 and GreenWorks 2600502.

The manufacturers haven’t been randomly selected and neither the products. Snow Joe and GreenWorks are two of the biggest names in this industry. As for these two snow blowers, they are on top of their buyers’ preferences lists. Yet how do they match against each other? We’re about to find out…

Engine and power

No matter what kind of advertising a light electric snow blower gets, engine and power should be your main concerns. Of course, the numbers alone may not be enough, but that’s a great starting point. Take this Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 vs GreenWorks 2600502 report and the first thing you’ll notice is that their engines are quite similar…

The two OEM Branded motors are clocked at 13.5 amp, for the Snow Joe model, and 13 amp, for the GreenWorks model. They both feature the push button start system, working well even when the temperature is below zero. And with a good cord, you should be able to scatter the snow in no time. How much snow, you wonder? Let’s take a look at the main technical features and you’ll know it instantly.

Other technical features

Perhaps it is better to start this chapter with the clearing path. Next to engine and power, it can give you a better sense of what to expect from a light electric snow blower. The Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 has a 4-blade auger, heavy-grade steel, that can gulp 10 x 18 inches (depth x width) at once.  When working on normal conditions, its plowing capacity is estimated at 650 lbs. And with the 180-degree flexible chute, the discharge distance may reach 20 feet.

The features of the GreenWorks 2600502 are surprisingly related: same 20 feet discharge distance, 180-degree flexible chute and even 10 inches of snow depth. There are, however, 2 extra inches of snow width that it can tackle. So, you’re looking at a 10 x 20 inches (depth x width) steel auger. What does this mean?

When your light electric snow blower can clean up a wider surface from one path, you are excited. But just because its auger has this capacity, does it mean it will have the power? According to the reviews out there, not really. Which is why the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 is more likely to perform better under the same conditions.


In terms of design, one look will show you that the principles are relatively the same. Both units are built with a low center of gravity and an ergonomic, u-shaped handle. The combination of plastic and steel is no novelty. And neither the pair of 7-inch wheels that each light electric snow blower uses to glide through the snow.

The GreenWorks 2600502 is, indeed, a tad smaller – 37 x 21.6 x 31 inches – and it weighs 30 pounds. By comparison, the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 is a bit bulkier – 45 x 19 x 38 inches – and with 3.3 lbs heavier. But it also has two major design benefits, the 20 W halogen light and the safety switch button.

Long story short, the design is one of the aspects most subjected to interpretation. One might claim that the GreenWorks 2600502 looks best. While others might say the opposite. And still, the fact is that the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 is actually a best-seller. This means that, once again, the overall opinion indicates this electric unit as better performing.

Best light electric snow blower conclusion

It’s hard to decide for one light electric snow blower when the two titans – Snow Joe and GreenWorks are involved. And these two models have a very similar design, not to mention the operating capabilities. What makes the difference, however, aside from everything you’ve already seen, is how people perceive it. And what they actually experienced with it, out in the cold and in the snow. We knew it from our readers, we’ve seen it with so many other online reviews, we’ve proved it with this comparison.

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 is a best-seller for all the right reasons and you can pick it anytime. The GreenWorks 2600502 isn’t far behind either. And if you’re looking to take advantage of its extremely generous, 4-year warranty, you can do that too. In our opinion, however, the Snow Joe model might be a better investment for your money. Now, just in case you need to know more, we have some reminders to help you with this decision:

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