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Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E electric snow blower

Snow Joe is an outdoor tools manufacturer that we keep coming back to. The reasons are more than obvious as its products always rank high and meet the expectations. Today, we’d like to bring Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E to your attention. This model is an updated version of the previous SJ622E electric snow blower.

Aside from a few extra pounds and the introduction of a powerful, halogen light system, there aren’t too many differences. Nevertheless, having a snow thrower, in the middle of heavy snow falls, day or night, isn’t something to ignore. Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E could, therefore, make a great addition to your collection of tools. Read on and see what it has to offer.

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
Customers Reviews
Final Considerations

Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E main technical features

This electric snow blower is a corded model that features an instant start system. You power it with the push of a button, after handling the safety switch that prevents the accidental start. Underneath the case, you have this OEM Branded engine at 2450 rpm no-load speed. It is rated at 120 V and 60 Hz. And, through its 15 Amps, it can move up to 720 lbs of snow each minute.

The steel blades cut patches of snow of 18-inch width and 10-inch depth while throwing it up to 25 feet. Of course, this output depends on how wet and heavy the snow is. Just consider that, for maximum performances, Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E needs a sturdy 12-gauge cord of 100 foot.

So far, it looks promising, just like Snow Joe used us with its previous electric models that we have analyzed. Speaking of the looks, let’s see what we get in terms of design.

The design of Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E electric snow blower

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As expected, Snow Joe delivers this electric snow blower almost ready to set into function. One would only have to put together the lower, middle, and upper frame parts. And after that, to simply fix the discharge chute and chute crank parts to the unit. All this will make the ready-to-start Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E measure 38 x 19 x 45 inches and weigh 34 pounds. The easy-glide wheels with 4.5 x 2.5-inch tires can set it into motion anytime you want.

Not necessarily one the most lightweight models in the niche of electric units, SJ623E has a plastic body and chute. But underneath the hood, it boasts a steel auger and a heavy-grade steel 4-blade rotor. To keep its impressive cleaning path steady, it also has an effective scraper blade. It should clear the snow up to the ground, without affecting your pavement or deck in any way. During that time, the adjustable discharge chute can turn around to 180º while you handle the manual pitch control.

As mentioned, Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E is an enhanced electric snow blower version with an on-board 20 W halogen headlight. Early in the morning or late in the night, one can easily make way with it through the snow. If something happens and it gets jammed, you should even receive an on-board chute clean-out tool. Unclogging the chute shouldn’t be difficult. And then, you can simply tap the safety switch button that was blocking the accidental startup and continue your work.

What customers have to say about Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E

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The uncertainties are usually the same when it comes to deciding on a particular electric snow blower. Buyers are not sure that the product will truly stand to the expectations. But Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E has already been for quite some time on the market. And we have also collected plenty of feedback from our readers. Learning from their experiences, you should know that this product works very well. It doesn’t tackle just 10-inch snow, but also thicker layers. All you would have to do to get the job done is to take it really slow.

Some of our readers also recommend letting it rest for a while after a session of 20 to 30 minutes. Since it isn’t self-propelled, having to push around the single-stage Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E can also be a bit tiring. But the two main complaints that people have on this electric snow blower relate to its handle and cord.

The handle is a bit too light, for a part that you have to constantly push into. At the same time, it is also a bit weak. The two screws from sides, that bring together the bottom and top parts, can easily unscrew. Of course, it’s all because of the pressure and tightening them back in will fix it. But it is still a bit frustrating to have to do this in the cold snow out there.
As for the cord problem, again, it is something that any buyer would anticipate with a corded electric unit. Aside from carrying the cord around, one would also have to learn how to place it on the driveway. Keeping the wires out of the way is, however, yet another thing that one can master on the go.

Obviously, SJ623E also has some feedback from the category “it got broke from the second use” or “it arrived broken”. But even those people agreed that the customer support has been extremely helpful!

Pros & cons of using this electric snow blower

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After reading our succinct evaluation from above, the main benefits of Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E easily stand out. We’d like to remind you, however, of the following positive attributes:

  • Easy to assemble and to start;
  • Safe to use, with accidental starting prevention button included;
  • Easy to maintain, without gas or oil and without tune-up requirements;
  • ETL approved;
  • Capable of handling thick layers of snow;
  • Effective scraper blade that allows removing the snow very close to the ground;
  • Halogen light for night-time visibility;
  • Clean-out tool for unclogging the chute included;
  • Great customer support;
  • Reassuring warranty.

As for the downsides, we cannot help but notice that this electric snow blower:

  • Can experience problems with icy or very wet snow;
  • Comes with a very short cord and requires separately purchasing a long, outdoor extension cord;
  • It isn’t self-propelled and requires pushing it through the snow all the time;
  • Could use a sturdier design and construction, on the upper side of the handle.

Let’s make a final revision of the warranty and we should be able to give a verdict without hesitations.

Warranty & support terms for Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E

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As an electric snow blower, the SJ623E unit is made for residential purposes alone. When used in this context, it benefits from a 2-year warranty that covers both defects in workmanship and material. Using it in industrial or commercial spaces – any kind of business use, to be specific – will activate a 90-day warranty.

The Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E falls under the incidence of all Snow Joe electric models. This means that all electrical components, cables, idlers etc. are warranted for the same 2-year period. The belts and augers, however, are not covered, and neither the damages occurred after misuse, neglect, or improper assembly.
Since the customer support is an often-praised feature, buyers generally don’t worry too much in this chapter.

Final considerations of Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E

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We have analyzed, once again, a product from a reputable manufacturer that needs no special introduction. Still, particularly analyzing the features, the pros and the cons of Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E was necessary. And as you might have noticed, there are so many positive aspects about it and only a few, manageable issues. If you want an Electric Snow Blower and enjoy mild winters where you live, this might be the one. It’s equipped to tackle mid-to-large-sized walkways and driveways so, give Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E a chance. The first step was already made, now you just have to order it and start taking advantage of it!

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