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Snow Joe Max SJM988 corded snow blower

If the Snow Joe name says anything to you, you probably know that electric snow blowers are their specialty. And as a potential buyer, you must also know that how well electric units perform is always a debatable subject. Now, the upgraded Snow Joe Max SJM988, as a corded electric snow blower, is aiming to put an end to all those debates. It promises the convenience of electric snow blowers and the power of gas snow blowers, all in one.

The “price”? A larger, corded electric unit, an aspect that some might appreciate and others might be picky about. Letting aside the fact that cords do tend to make the job more difficult out there in the snow… Is the extra power of the Snow Joe Max SJM988 worth the effort of pushing around a corded electric snow blower? Let’s find out together if this is the right choice for your mid-sized driveway or walkway… Or what kind of winters and snowfalls it can tackle…

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
Customers Reviews
Final Considerations

Snow Joe Max SJM988 main technical features

This corded electric snow blower is powered by a 13.5 A engine with a voltage rating of 120 V and 60 Hz. Aren’t these numbers too explicit for you? Let us add that, with this motor, it should move up to 650 lbs of snow each minute.

  • The 4-blade durable, steel auger can cut 18 x 10 inches of snow (width x depth) in one pass.
  • To throw in another interesting number, this could result in clearing up to 2450 square feet each hour.
  • The discharge chute, adjustable, can make complete rotations of up to 180 degrees.
  • Its design will give you full control over the direction of the snow stream.
  • And similarly, the chute deflector can be adjusted, giving you yet another control instrument for the height of the snow stream.
  • Long story short, the 180° adjustable directional chute could throw the snow up to 20 feet.

Since the Snow Joe Max SJM988 is a corded unit with an electric power source, the instant start technology is more than welcomed. Moreover, you have the advantage of not having to add or change any gas or oil, nor handle periodic tune-ups. You can use a maximum extension cord length of 100 feet and tackle 10 inches of snow depth with ease.

As a final interesting technical feature, this Snow Joe Max SJM988 has a built-in reset function. Described in the owner’s manual, this automatic reset will take over in the event of a major auger obstruction. In case of emergencies, one should simply unplug the unit and remove the auger obstruction. Use can be resumed after at least 60 seconds and the corded electric snow blower should be just fine.

The design of Snow Joe Max SJM988 corded electric snow blower

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Just by looking at the main parts, you can tell that the Snow Joe Max SJM988 is easy to put together. Instructions would state that:

  1. You have to take care of the upper, middle and lower frame assembly first;
  2. Next, you attach the discharge chute and the chute crank assembly and that’s it.

You’ll be looking at a 33.7 pounds snow blower measuring 38 x 19 x 45 inches – we told you it’s a bit bulkier. But the easy-glide pivot wheels at 4.5 x 2.5 inches should make maneuvering less of a burden.

The unit is made of plastic – at least the body and the chute, because the auger is, as mentioned, made of steel. And the scraper blade at the base of the unit is tightly lifted to avoid damaging the pavement or deck. The corded electric snow blower is set into functioning with an instant button push and works completely maintenance-free.

Comfort is improved by…

  • The on-board halogen headlight at 20 W that lets you work effectively in low-light conditions.
  • The ergonomic grips will also make it easier with the pushing.
  • And the adjustable chute will put you in control, as mentioned, over where the snow will end up.

So far, Snow Joe Max SJM988 still looks like a great catch. So, let’s see what practice has taught us about its performances…

What customers have to say about Snow Joe Max SJM988

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Before the ease of use proved by the technical and design features, customers are first impressed with the assembly. Within just a few minutes, without any special tools, this corded electric snow blower is ready to go. Next, they mention the straightforward operation and what a great benefit is to have that 20 W light during the short winter days…

Close to all these, the lightweight profile – facilitated by the plastic case – also comes as a pleasant surprise. Then again, some would love that it’s easy to move around while others are concerned about the durability of this plastic. As some have perfectly noted, the Snow Joe Max SJM988 can handle the snow force easier in multiple passes. The mention was that, if 10 inches of snow are sometimes problematic, working your way back and forth, will do it.

Now, as great as it was declared for small and mid-sized driveways, patios, and decks… There was some room left for complaints. One of them has to do with the fact that the angle of the chute requires manual adjustment. Another one would relate to the fact that the pavement protection makes it difficult to perfectly clear the alley. And there were even customers who managed to lube the chute mechanisms too much and ended up with difficulties in controlling it.

As expected, dealing with the cord was also mentioned in a couple of negative reviews. But experienced users who know what a corded electric snow blower implies were expecting it. In the end, the hassle of the cord and the extra patience required by heavier snow… Let’s just say they were all regarded as worth it compared to breathing toxic fumes.

Pros & cons of using this corded electric snow blower

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As we’re getting closer to a conclusion, we’d like to recap the goods and the bads, as shortly as possible. At a glance, this Snow Joe Max SJM988 is well worth the investment for the following reasons:

  • Effortless to start and maintain, due to the no gas, oil or tune-ups requirements;
  • Allows effective work even in low-light conditions, thanks to the halogen light;
  • Facilitates the user’s comfort with its upgraded, ergonomic grips;
  • Comes with a collapsible handle that will ease your storage efforts;
  • Benefits from the much-coveted ETL approval;
  • Features the push-button instant start technology, sparing you from the frustrating, arm-wrenching pull start efforts;
  • Sits on all-terrain wheels, hence the easy maneuverability.

If there’s anything that should make you reconsider the Snow Joe Max SJM988, it would have to do with the:

  • Only 1 forward speed;
  • Plastic body and chute;
  • Manual pitch control;
  • No reverse speeds;
  • The cord requires extra care.

Warranty & support terms for Snow Joe Max SJM988

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To some people, any potential drawback is judged from the perspective of the warranty and support terms. This corded electric snow blower comes with a full 2-year warranty that could ease your mind. It serves against any defects that may show up in normal residential use, caused by material or workmanship flaws.

As you can imagine, using it for commercial purposes will shorten the warranty to only 90 days. And using parts that are not genuine, from the Snow Joe manufacturer, will not be covered by warranty. But all the other terms are quite standard:

  • The Snow Joe Max SJM988 has some parts subjected to wear and tear don’t make the subject of this warranty.
  • And along with them, the damages resulting from the misuse or improper assembly will also void the warranty.

Final considerations of Snow Joe Max SJM988

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With this Snow Joe Max SJM988, you can expect to work wonders on small and mid-sized alleys, with powder snow! It might take a while for you to learn how to handle the cord so that it won’t stand in your way. But the unit itself will glide easily on – like mentioned – powder snow! When the snow is wet and heavy, if it piles up, this may not be the ideal choice.

Then again, assuming you really know your winters and you know your needs… You must know that you can count on the Snow Joe Max SJM988. Just like with any other corded electric snow blower, it’s all about where and how you’re using it. Because this unit does the work it was intended for!

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