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Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 Snow Blower

Designed to quickly handle snow on mid-sized walkways and driveways, Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 is an electric snow blower that comes with plenty of benefits. And for a very convenient price of about $200, it sure tempts many people. But more on how well it performs and what users have to say about it, in the following lines.

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
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Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 main technical features

This model manufactured by Snow Joe is a compact, small and easy machine with a 13.5-amp motor under the hood. Even though an exclusively electric tool, it can move up to 650 lbs of snow every minute!

The corded-electric power source of Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 lets you move around with a 4-blade heavy grade steel auger that can cut snow paths of approximately 10 inches depth and 18 inches width. The discharge chute is completely flexible, rotating up to 180 degrees, and features an adjustable deflector, giving you better control on the height of the snow stream. In the end, depending on how wet the snow is, it can throw it up to 20 feet.

Within an hour of use, this snow blower can clear up to 2150 square feet, making your life considerably easier!

The design of Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 snow blower

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When you order the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 snow blower and take it out of the box, you will be impressed with how small and easy it looks. Measuring 45 x 19 x 38 inches and weighing only 33.3 pounds, it takes less than 5 minutes to put it together. That’s because the only part that requires some attention is the handle, which comes folded into thirds. So you just unfold each piece and tighten them together by using several large knobs.

What you get is a compact snow blower sitting on a pair of easy-glide pivot wheels, featuring the push-button Instant Start technology. Once you plug it in and take it out, Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 starts making its way through snow of up to 6 inches depth.

Easy to maneuver and turn around thanks to its special wheels, it also feels very comfortable due to the ergonomic grips. And since it runs rather smooth, one can use it early in the morning or late at night just as well as during the day. The 20 watt bright, halogen light it comes with allows you to work simple, fast, and easy. When you’re done or just up for a break, the safety switch button prevents any kind of accidental starting.

What customers have to say about Snow Joe Ultra SJ621

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As a small and relatively cheap electric snow blower, this Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 model from Snow Joe raises lots of controversies. Many are tempted to try it, but the main concern is whether it will have enough power to do the work or it will only make their job harder.

Just to make this clear from the very beginning: most users agree that the machine is most suitable for light and, ideally, not very wet snow. The heavier and wetter the snow, the more likely it will jam and make you regret opting for it. This can only mean that it would work best in the areas where winters are not very harsh, with lots of snowfall episodes or blizzards.

On the plus side:

  • Users appreciate how easy it feels to set up a Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 and using it without having to worry about draining the gas at the end of the season, changing the oil regularly, keeping the choke wide open to prevent the engine’s stall and so on;
  • The electrical functioning principle is highly regarded, as long as the snow is moderate and one can truly see its advantages.

However, the cord is one of the biggest hassles:

  • Aside from having to carry it around, which limits your coverage area, it seems easy to step over;
  • Some users have consequently complained that they’ve cut the cord more than once, just because they didn’t pay enough attention.

Pros & cons of using this snow blower

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Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 has some more than obvious advantages, which include:

  • Electrical functioning, hence ease of start, use, and maintenance;
  • Extra comfort that derives from not having to worry about running out of gas, dealing with dead batteries or getting the right mix of gas and oil;
  • Convenient handling due to the halogen light, pivot wheels, and ergonomic grips;
  • Easy to maneuver and store, because of the small dimensions;
  • Lower maintenance costs and fewer faults compared to a combustion engine snow blower;
  • Safe to use, with safety switch button included.

As far as its drawbacks are concerned, Snow Joe Ultra SJ621:

  • Can prove problematic on wet snow;
  • Requires some good boots for increased traction, since it’s not self-propelled;
  • When dealing with heavier snow it will make you try some back and forth moves and adding extra pressure, which can tire you up quite easily;
  • It doesn’t look very sturdy;
  • Requires extra care for handling the cord;
  • Because of its relatively small dimensions, you’d have to pass multiple times to cover a wider surface.

Warranty & support terms for Snow Joe Ultra SJ621

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Just like with other snow blower models from Snow Joe, this Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 comes with a full 2-year warranty against defects in workmanship or material for residential purposes. Should you use it for commercial or industrial purposes, the warranty goes down to only 90 days, from the moment of the purchase.

Moreover, if the unit is rented or leased, its warranty will, again, go down to only 90 days, also from the moment of the initial purchase, for both residential and business use.

As an electric snow blower, however, it comes with the ETL approval. In the event that any repair or replacement is necessary, the user will have to return the entire Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 to the manufacturer, as a whole.

Final considerations of Snow Joe Ultra SJ621

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Without a doubt, this snow blower is handy and affordable. As already indicated, its performances will very much depend on where you use it and how heavy the winters are in your region. Being an electric snow thrower, Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 does the best it can with what it has. As long as you accept that and use it as such, it would make a great investment. Just don’t expect to throw it in a pile of snow and see it working wonders like a gas model would do!


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