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Snow Joe iON18SB Snow Blower Review

One of the latest additions to Snow Joe® lineup, Snow Joe iON18SB is the first type of single stage snow blower that lets you operate without dealing with any kind of tangled pull cords, expensive oil or gas, annoying tune-ups or carbon emissions.

For a more than decent price of around $300, you can have it delivered to your front door. But before you get the package with the snow blower, the battery and its charger, the screws, the gaskets and the user manual, let us have a look at what’s in it for you:

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
Customers Reviews
Final Considerations

Snow Joe iON18SB main technical features

This brushless, cord-free snow blower on batteries is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion elements, Snow Joe’s® patent-pending EcoSharp model at 40 V and 4.0 Ah. Just to increase the efficiency of the battery and to extend its motor life, the manufacturer also integrated a 500 W brushless motor. Together, they feature autonomy of up to 50 minutes of silent run.

As far as its general performances are concerned, the steel auger of this Snow Joe iON18SB snow blower boasts 2 rubber blades that can move around 500 lbs of snow per minute. These blades make their way through the snow by cutting 18 inches wide and 8 inches deep paths. The rubber scraper bar from the base of the unit will literally give you no chance of damaging the surface underneath.


The design of Snow Joe iON18SB snow blower

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Snow Joe iON18SB measures 43.3 x 20.5 x 37.4 inches and weighs only 32 pounds. Featuring an impressively lightweight design, this cordless snow blower is so easy to handle, from the moment you take it out of the box – it will only require some minor assembly, like screwing the top portion of the handle and the chute.

But once you cover that part, from sidewalks and driveways to decks and other outdoor surfaces, you’re ready to blow the snow up to 20 ft, in whatever direction you want. Its 180° auto-rotate directional chute is actionable through the push of a switch.

Those who prefer using the snow blower at night will also appreciate the 3 W LED headlight integrated into its housing, which considerably increases visibility when switched on.

What customers have to say about Snow Joe iON18SB

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There are all kinds of things that users appreciate about the Snow Joe iON18SB snow blower. From how it looks and feels, how silent it is and how easy it is to handle to how it works on light snow, this product is a best seller on Amazon for a lot of obvious reasons:

  • It only takes you 4 bolts and less than 10 minutes to assemble it;
  • It is very easy to move around, blowing snow off and protecting the pavement underneath;
  • The battery is easy to take out and keep it for charging in the house, where it will stay warm and provide maximum power;
  • It doesn’t smell like gasoline or fume, as a gas snow blower would do.

On the downside, users complain that the heavier the snow, the less of a good job it does. Moreover:

  • Snow Joe iON18SB seems a bit unstable compared to the models with two handlebars, probably because of the U-shaped fastener;
  • The chute angle mechanism doesn’t seem too sturdy either, because of the nylon lock nuts inside of them;
  • While the concept is something to appreciate, it could really use some extra power for heavier snow.

Pros & cons of using this snow blower

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The main advantages of Snow Joe iON18SB refer but are not limited to:

  • Adjustable handles for maximized comfort during use;
  • Very silent and equipped with a LED headlight that allows you to blow the snow at late hours without causing too much discomfort to your neighbors;
  • So easy that one could lift it with one hand;
  • Safe to use on any surface, thanks to the flexible rubber blades that do all the work;
  • Convenient to direct snow wherever you need, thanks to the 180° auto-rotate chute;
  • Actionable with just a simple press button, from turning it on and activating the LED light to setting it into motion and determining which way to throw out the snow;
  • Environmentally friendly, with zero CO2 emissions, thanks to its rechargeable batteries.

As for the potential drawbacks it comes with, Snow Joe iON18SB seems to be:

  • Less efficient for medium to heavy snow, best recommended for light snow – when dealing with heavy snow, one might feel a certain lack of power;
  • If the snow is very wet and heavy, the snow blower might not be able to propel the snow up to 15 feet, but rather somewhere around 10 feet or even less;
  • It has no mode switch to adjust power/torque depending on the power you would need the batteries to provide.

Snow Joe’s warranty & support terms

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According to the manufacturer’s official regulations, the warranty policy for Snow Joe iON18SB covers a two-year full warranty for residential use and a three-month warranty for business use or for problems that occur while it is leased / rented.

The two-year warranty covers any electrical components, cables, idlers, while the rechargeable batteries are covered by an initial 90-days guarantee.

All terms apply to genuine Snow Joe parts and brand engines, any damage occurred to a Snow Joe iON18SB from the improper assembly or adjustment, alteration, misuse or neglect in use canceling the warranty.

Final considerations of Snow Joe iON18SB

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This snow blower is a best seller on Amazon for some indisputable reasons. From the innovative, light and environmentally friendly design and functioning principles to how it works when you take it out in the snow, Snow Joe iON18SB worth every penny. As long as you understand its technical capabilities and the kind of snow it was made to handle, your winters will be much more enjoyable once you have it in your yard.


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