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Hello everyone! SnowBlowerGarage.com is the place where you can search informations about the most powerful snow blowers. If you are here, then it means that you are searching for your first snow blower or to simply replace the old one so the best thing to do is to read our snow blower reviews and see which one is what you are looking for.
We did try to concentrate on the main features in each snow blower review so everything you are looking for will be on the same page so you can easily see every important feature.

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The main types of snow blowers available are the following:

The market of snow blowers can be intimidating. There are many different manufacturers and even more models to choose from. Even when you decide between gas or electric, there are plenty other aspects you need to evaluate. Just to ease your work a bit, we have created this top 5 by brands. Basically, we have selected a strong candidate for the best snow blower for each of the most popular manufacturers. Here’s a short preview of what they have to offer, in no particular order:

Snow Joe iON18SB

snow joe ion18sb1The iON18SB manufactured by Snow Joe is a brushless snow blower, with no cord. It works on batteries and hides a special pending-patent under the hood. Long story short, it’s the first single stage model from Snow Joe that spares you from dealing with fuel.

The 40V – 4.0Ah battery featuring the EcoSharp pending-patent works with a 500W motor, a brushless model. The result: up to 50 minutes of autonomy. This configuration coupled with the 2 rubber blades and steel auger makes for:

  • Moving capacity – 500 lbs of snow per minute
  • Clearing path – 18 x 8 inches

The design features of the best snow blower in the Snow Joe line are also tempting since:

  • It measures 20.5 x 37.4 x 43.3 inches
  • Weighs around 32 pounds
  • Comes with an 180-degree directional chute, the auto-rotate type
  • It is equipped with a 3W LED headlight

The entire above make the Snow Joe iON18SB an Amazon best seller. The numerous positive reviews also support its best snow blower reputation. And while it might not fit any kind of weather condition, it is definitely a top rated in its niche.

GreenWorks 2600502

greenworks 2600502The 2600502 model from GreenWorks is an upgraded electric unit that comes with some extra perks. How different is it from its predecessor and what makes it the best snow blower from GreenWorks? Let’s see:

Under the hood, there’s a 120V – 13-Amp engine with an electric, corded power source and electric start. It takes a just-as-powerful cord to do a great work, meaning a 15-Amp, 12 gauge model, but it provides:

  • Snow discharge up to 20-feet up
  • Clearing path – 20 x 10 inches

The compact design doesn’t make it look anything but sturdy, even though it is covered in plastic.  All in all, this candidate for the best snow blower of GreenWorks:

  • Measures 21.6 x 31 x 37 inches
  • Weighs around 30 pounds
  • Features ergonomic grab handles
  • Sits on 7-inch wheels
  • It is easy to store thanks to the fold-down mechanism

Just like the Snow Joe model, this one is best rated on Amazon. Depending on your needs, you can purchase different packages with extra features. Again, a must try, this time from GreenWorks.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621

snow joe ultra-sj621Snow Joe gets two positions in this top 5 of best snow blowers by manufacturer. This time, the Ultra SJ621 model is actually a corded unit, as opposed to iON18SB. While it dictates what area you can cover depending on the extension cord, it gives you more autonomy. What else should you know about it?

The best snow blower from Snow Joe on the corded category is powered by a 13.5-Amp motor. Thanks to the 4-blade auger made of heavy grade steel and the flexible chute that rotates to 180-degree, it allows:

  • Moving capacity – 650 lbs per minute
  • Clearing path – 18 x 10 inches
  • Snow discharge up to 20 feet

Silent and easy to work with, the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 is also easy to assemble from the very beginning:

  • It measures 19 x 38 x 45 inches
  • Weighs about 33.3 pounds
  • Comes with ergonomic grips
  • It is also equipped with a 20-watt halogen light

The similarities with the iON18SB model are obvious, but the autonomy of this corded unit is highly appreciated. The great value for the price, together with the listed features, wins a place in this top, for this particular model. What’s the next best snow blower, you wonder?

Toro 38381

toro-38381The 38381 is a serious candidate for the best snow blower manufactured by Toro. Given its electric profile, it is also a competitor of the other electric models presented so far. From simple design to similar power and affordable price, there’s a lot of value in it.

First of all, the power source is close to GreenWorks 2600502: a 15-Amp source, electric corded. Even though the adjustable chute only goes up to 160-degree, the zip deflector makes for an easy use:

  • Moving capacity – 700 lbs per minute
  • Clearing path – 18 x 12 inches
  • Snow discharge up to 30 feet

This fourth option of best snow blower, coming from Toro, seems to have the most impressing moving capacity and clearing path. The design is also tempting:

  • It measures 18 x 36.2 x 12 inches
  • Weighs around 24 pounds
  • Features Power Curve technology for cleaning down to the pavement
  • Full-bail ergonomic handle
  • Adjustable zip deflector with 3 positions

Without a doubt, Toro is a serious competitor on the market. This model is perhaps the lightest from what we’ve seen so far. It is also corded, which allows some decent power. And the unit does a great job with low to moderate snows. Definitely, it deserves some kind of consideration!


WORX WG650The last but not the least on our list, this best snow blower from WORX is a WG650 unit. Ideal for medium usage, also corded, what makes it so competitive?

The engine, to begin with, has 13-Amp and a 120 ft-lb torque. Paired with an 180-degree adjustable chute, oversized, and auger steel, rubber-tipped, here’s what it can do to fluffy snow:

  • Clearing path of 18 inches width
  • Snow discharge up to 30 feet

Nothing particularly outstanding compared to all the other models in this top, WORX WG650 can still score extra points on design:

  • It measures 18.9 x 18.9 x 20.7 inches
  • Weighs 26.5 pounds
  • Features compact wheels
  • Comes with quick clamps, for easy and fast handlebar adjustment
  • Easy to access, oversized chute adjuster, right on the handlebar
  • Plenty of ergonomic design features for extra mobility and reduced fatigue while using it

The best snow blower manufactured by WORX makes a decent alternative to all the others from above. Whether you prefer a particular brand or you’re pondering other aspects, such as the price, the call is all yours.

Just to draw a conclusion, there are plenty of options for you to choose the best snow blower out there. You can test different manufacturers, see their prices and what’s in the package, or how solid the guarantee really is. Whatever you choose, just bear in mind that electric units are not meant to handle heavy snow!

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