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Power Smart DB7651 Snow Blower

Power Smart DB7651 is a robust gas-powered snow blower with an ergonomic design, specifically cut out to handle moderate to heavy snow. Its powerful performances and convenience of use, as well as the free shipping, seem to make up for otherwise a high acquisition cost of around $700. More on what’s under the hood, how it works and what other users have to say about it, coming up next:

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
Customers Reviews
Final Considerations

Power Smart DB7651 main technical features

Conceived as a middle solution between cheap and high-end snow blowers, the Power Smart DB7651 boasts a couple of technical features that truly stand out.

To begin with, it is powered by a 6.5-HP LCT Storm Force Engine, the push button electric start 208cc LCT model. This technology is designed to stand well in really harsh environments, where cold weather combined with a recoil starter would be truly problematic.
The electric starting system together with the adjustable power through 4-forward and 2-reverse speeds, make the Power Smart DB7651 an incredibly useful snow thrower. And thanks to the 4-way joystick control, one can easily adjust both the direction and the height of the snow discharge.

Moreover, this snow blower allows you to clear paths of 24 inches width and 20 inches depth, through a two-stage technology that enhances control on how far and how fast you disperse the snow.

The design of Power Smart DB7651 snow blower

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When ordering this particular model, expect to receive a package that will include:

  • The compact gas-powered two stage snow blower of 24-inch
  • The oil funnel
  • The skid shoes
  • The spark plug wrench
  • The cable clips and the shear pins
  • The clean-out tool
  • The operating instructions

All these combined will get you a 30 x 26 x 38 inches snow thrower weighing 180 pounds and sitting on a pair of 13- by 4-inch snow tires. From a distance, it might seem a bit bulky, but once you notice all the details of its ergonomic design, chances are you will appreciate the Power Smart DB7651 even more. After all, the unit was built with two main purposes in mind:

  • To cope with heavy snow
  • To be easy to handle

Both goals are met by the highly flexible yet robust design.

The Power Smart DB7651 snow blower features two individual handles, providing a sturdy feeling. On the right side, there’s a drive control handle, on the left side an auger control handle and in between these two, there’s a speed control lever.

Going down, you have the gas-powered engine, the flexible chute assembly that rotates 180 degrees through a manual chute rotation handle and the Snow/Ice shovel. This shovel with adjustable skid shoes covers the impeller blade and the 12 inches serrated augers, a sturdy all-steel type.

What customers have to say about Power Smart DB7651

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All these great features, as described by the manufacturer, have drawn the interest of many users who bought it and tested it so far. As with many other products in this category, the Power Smart DB7651 model enjoys a more than decent popularity, but it also scores some complaints.

On the plus side, users say that this snow blower is:

  • A breeze to set up and put into motion, taking around 30 minutes or so to get it started;
  • Easy to maneuver, even on rather steep surfaces;
  • Well equipped to handle piles of snow without clogging or bogging;
  • Efficient and with a low fuel consumption – one might use less than a tank of gas for about 2 hours of intensive use;

On the downside, the machine comes with:

  • A chute assembly that feels a little cheap and as not rock-solid as the rest of the snow blower;
  • A rather difficult to read dipstick, so knowing how much fuel you have in it is a bit tricky;
  • Labels that indicate each component poorly glued on the housing, which means they will come off quite easily;
  • A terrible customer support, as many users complained they had troubles communicating with them or getting any kind of understanding or cooperation on their side – as always, turning to Amazon to help mediate this problem worked wonders for most of these complaints.

Pros & cons of using this snow blower

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Despite being so pricey, the Power Smart DB7651 snow blower enjoys a lot of popularity and the following benefits that it provides are particularly appreciated:

  • A powerful engine specifically designed for cold climates that, combined with the electric start button, prevents you from having to deal with any kind of recoil starter;
  • Ideal for moderate to heavy snow fall, with powerful performances boasted by the 208cc LCT storm force overhead valve engine;
  • Increased efficiency thanks to the gas fuel and the 24 inches clearing width;
  • Provides flexibility and better snow-blowing control through its 180-degree chute rotation the two-stage technology for snow removal;
  • Versatility for use on all kinds of surfaces, from concrete to ice, thanks to the adjustable skid shoes;
  • Easy to store, thanks to the foldable handles.

Of course, Power Smart DB7651 also comes with some drawbacks that a user would have to consider, such as:

  • The engine is somewhat loud compared to other models;
  • Difficulty in contacting the customer support and enjoying the warranty;
  • Not CARB compliant, which means it cannot be sold in California, where all units must be CARB compliant.

Warranty & support terms for Power Smart DB7651

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Having a Power Smart DB7651 snow thrower comes with plenty of benefits, but when problems that make the subject of warranty occur, the solution might not be that smooth. As per the official regulations of the manufacturer, this model comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Nevertheless, a worryingly high number of users complain having problems with contacting their customer service. From this perspective, one would have to proceed with caution and be rather insistent.

Final considerations of Power Smart DB7651

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Using this model should take you through at least several winter seasons. While some users are more than happy with how this snow blower works, others keep comparing it to higher priced models from name brand motors, which won’t necessarily make it a winner. Nevertheless, it brings great value for the money, it was specifically designed to successfully deal with heavy snow and it comes with a few adjustable options that make its use truly enjoyable. As one of the top snow throwers available on Amazon, Power Smart DB7651 definitely worth taking a look at.

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