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Poulan PRO PR270 snow blower review

You must have noticed that there are many options on the market allowing you to choose a gas snow blower. Nevertheless, not all the lines are as powerful as Poulan PRO, manufactured by a company with tradition. For those who don’t know the details, it’s actually Husqvarna that handles both the Poulan and Poulan PRO lines.

The model we are about to review, Poulan PRO PR270, is part of a constantly upgraded series of outdoor equipment. At first, the 240 and 241 models were launched, followed by 270 and 300. The main differences between Poulan PRO PR270 and the next best option are mostly details. Should you pay extra for the power steering, a 3-inch extra-large clearing width, and a pair of bigger wheels?

Before you decide, let us show you the main features of the PR270 gas snow blower. By the end of it, you might want to know nothing else about the alternatives.

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
Customers Reviews
Final Considerations

Poulan PRO PR270 main technical features

Just like many other gas units, this one also has an engine designed to work at temperatures below 0o C. The 254cc robust engine features an overhead valve and dual ball bearing design. And it encompasses a cast iron sleeve bore, everything to make it more durable.

The dual-stage Poulan PRO PR270 unit boasts 9.5 lb-ft torque, handling 6 forward speeds and one reverse speed. It carries a 2.7-liter fuel tank and works, ideally, with 5W-30 oil.  The Push button electric start is one of the welcomed additions to this gas snow blower.

For the part that you are probably most curious about, the unit can easily handle 3+ car driveways. Sidewalks, gravel areas, and larger paved areas are also on its to-do list. The clearing path is 27-inch width and 23-inch height in one pass. And depending on the type of snow, it can throw it up to 45 feet.

The design of Poulan PRO PR270 gas snow blower

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For a tool equipped to face heavy snow, Poulan PRO PR270 is no joke. It weighs 240 pounds and measures 35 x 31.5 x 52.25 inches. As suggested, it doesn’t have power steering, yet the 15 x 5-inch X-trac tires should make it easy to handle. The wheels have high traction treads and the unit also has plastic skid shoes. All in all, the snow thrower sets up, out of the box, within 10 minutes. And out in the snow, it should allow for cutting through heavy snow while smoothly operating on more delicate grounds.

Analyzing this gas snow blower, we noticed that most of its design features are centered on either comfort or performance.

In terms of comfort, we should mention the:

  • Ergonomic handles and the soft touch controls;
  • Grip loop and interlock designed handles;
  • Clear, bright light;
  • Over-sized click-style fuel cap;
  • Support for single-handed control.

In terms of performance, the Poulan PRO PR270 design features:

  • A solid steel construction, from the auger system to the chute and the deflector system;
  • Upgraded from welded to bolted auger housing;
  • New, improved ribbon design on the auger;
  • 12-inch steel serrated auger;
  • Steel chute and deflector with wide opening;
  • Flexible chute, that turns to 180-degree;
  • Remote deflector for the chute.

Now that we’ve got some insights straight from the manufacturer, let us move on to the other side. The feedback from our readers and from many other online buyers should be just as revelatory.

What customers have to say about Poulan PRO PR270

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On the plus side, Poulan PRO PR270 is appreciated because it is quite easy to put together. It is also said to move the snow fairly well, despite some complaining about the sloppy chute. With a little bit of extra care, this inconvenient can be easily overstepped. But the positive reviews out there – and you will find a handful – state that it clears snow down to the pavement. Without problems.

The main issue, however, that we keep encountering with this gas snow blower, is the unreliable auger belt. This belt that breaks too fast and too often is a common complaint. But then again, the same users mention that changing it isn’t difficult. Other readers said that the reverse speed is too slow and that the unit could have used two reverse speeds. At the same time, the forward speeds are seen as a bit too fast by other people.

Last but not least, there have been some concerns regarding the Poulan PRO PR270 engine. The lack of an idle function, as some have noticed, could deteriorate the engine in the long run. That’s because, the way it works now, it’s either all or nothing on the engine’s revolutions per minute. This, of course, is just an expressed concerned, not an officially formulated problem.

Pros & cons of using this gas snow blower

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We’ve seen what the manufacturer says about this Poulan PRO PR270 gas snow blower. We’ve also seen the main features that buyers are happy or unhappy with. If we are to sum everything, down to a list of pros and cons, we have to mention the following.

On the plus side, Poulan PRO PR270 is:

  • Easy to put together and even easier to start from the press of a button;
  • Powerful, two-stage snow thrower, made of steel;
  • Improved, ergonomic design, for comfort and reliability in use;
  • Adjustable in terms of handle height;
  • Flexible enough to control with one hand;
  • A special ribbon auger design that eases the mix of snow with air;
  • Powered by a popular engine;
  • Effortless to handle outside, in the snow, even in the dark;
  • Can face even the harshest weather conditions;
  • Comes from a reputable manufacturer;
  • It is backed up by a comfortable warranty.

On the minus side, however:

  • As a gas snow blower, it requires special maintenance;
  • It features only one reverse speed;
  • It doesn’t have the most affordable price tag.

Warranty & support terms for Poulan PRO PR270

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We have mentioned this before, but the time has come to be more specific. The PR270 gas snow blower comes with a 2-year limited warranty and a 4-year engine warranty. The main statement is that the original consumer must benefit from a free-from-defects product, in both workmanship and materials. The terms above mentioned exclude any kind of commercial use, in which case, warranty will be reduced to 90 days.

Defects or malfunctions caused by normal wear and tear, misuse or inappropriate maintenance are not covered by warranty. And neither the belts, the blades, or other components that can deteriorate in time. For any issue with the Poulan PRO PR270 that requires shipping it back, the owner will cover the transportation charges.

Final considerations of Poulan PRO PR270

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Judging by the official presentation alone, this Poulan PRO PR270 is an option you can’t help but take into account. The feedback from our readers shouldn’t worry you too much either, especially if you have the slightest technical knowledge. And since you were looking for a gas snow blower, you must be the kind of tech-savvy user.

Therefore, all the pros and cons of the Poulan PRO PR270 taken into account, we recommend this product. It might take a while until it will become more popular and benefit from even more reviews. But when that time will come, you may already be a happy owner of the PR270 model.

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