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Poulan PRO PR241 gas snow blower review

The Poulan PRO PR241 gas snow blower is part of the Poulan PRO line of outdoor equipment. An American project, with American-made parts, and a history on the market of over seven decades… It definitely looks like an option to take into account, especially by those who need a powerful snow removal instrument.

After all, it is powered by a four-cycle engine with a two-cycle working system that should chew snow instantly. But does it really stand by the stellar reputation of its manufacturer?  Let’s find out together, from this Poulan PRO PR241 detailed review.

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
Customers Reviews
Final Considerations

Poulan PRO PR241 main technical features

For a gas snow blower, the engine is extremely important. On one hand, it must be powerful and durable, to work flawlessly for at least a couple of years. On the other hand, it should resist to the harshest winter conditions. Nobody would want to spend minutes in the freezing cold out there, trying to turn on the engine.

Luckily, this particular model comes with a steady 208cc Poulan PRO engine at 10 HP. The double starting system, with push button and pull cord, is another welcomed feature. And the already mentioned two-stage working system should gain confidence, period.
As opposed to other models in the Poulan PRO line, this unit came with two important improvements:

  • A new friction disc transmission – it was particularly designed to reduce the risk of damage or rapid tear during usage;
  • An improved ribbon auger that mixes snow with air – it, therefore, throws everything out much easier while also allowing an easier cleanup when you’re done.

Poulan PRO PR241 works with 6 forward and 1 reverse speeds. With all of the above considered, the final result is usually a 24 x 23-inch cleaning path in one pass.

The design of Poulan PRO PR241 snow blower

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When you order a model like this one, expect it to come almost pre-assembled. Suffices to attach the discharge chute together with the control linkage, using 4 bolts. In less than half an hour, with explanatory directions from the manual, you will get a Poulan PRO PR241 that:

  • Measures 35 x 28.5 x 52.25 inches
  • And weighs 240 pounds

The improvements previously mentioned on the technical features are doubled by some design reinforcements:

  • A redesigned control panel, more intuitive and simple to use;
  • An adjustable handle with 4 different height levels to choose from and comfort grip design;
  • A clear-lens headlight that significantly improves the visibility on both the pathway and the engine;
  • A 12-inch ribbon auger system made of serrated steel;
  • A bolted, not welded auger housing that improves durability;
  • A 180-degree remote chute rotation with a matching remote deflector;
  • A pair of 13×4-inch tires adorned with high-traction treads for maneuverability on heavy snow;
  • Plastic, not steel skid shoes that allow a smoother operation and protect the more delicate surfaces;

What customers have to say about Poulan PRO PR241

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Now that we’ve looked into how the manufacturer advertises this Poulan PRO PR241 gas snow blower, let’s revise the facts. People who actually used it, most of our readers and not only, generally have a good opinion about it.

The manual instructions seem clear and straightforward, allowing them to put everything together in no time. Also important, the device seems to start on the first pull with ease. It can tackle fluffy and wet snow just the same, though the throwing distance might vary. Speaking of distance, apparently, it can throw snow over the fence and over the street – definitely a great plus. Last but not least, the powerful light that comes with it is particularly appreciated. For night cleaning or even during snow storms, it casts the light in all the right places.

The downsides, as reported, are nothing too serious. Some complain that the single reverse speed is too low and having two different reverse speeds would have been welcomed. Others notice that the pull startup, placed on the right of the Poulan PRO PR241 unit, is not properly angled. Using it is, therefore, a bit uncomfortable. And last but not least, some voices say that the package should have included an electric cord as well. But that’s just about all – complaints about units delivered with a deteriorated package are obviously not the manufacturer’s fault.

Pros & cons of using this gas snow blower

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The facts are quite explanatory so far. Purchasing a Poulan PRO PR241 comes with all the right benefits:

  • The reliability that comes from the fact that it is designed and manufactured in America, by a reputable company;
  • A powerful 4-cycle engine with electric start that easily resists to harsh conditions;
  • Convenience of use and effectiveness, thanks to its redesigned ribbon auger and highly effective discharge chute;
  • Ease of assembly and maneuverability on any weather conditions and any kind of snow;
  • Enhanced comfort ensured by various design details.

As for the disadvantages, just like the negative customer reviews, are sparse and not really notable:

  • The unit only comes with power drive, not power steering;
  • It features only a single reverse speed;
  • It definitely requires extra maintenance and storage care, though this is something that comes with any gas snow blower.

Warranty & support terms for Poulan PRO PR241

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The Poulan PRO PR241 unit is powered by a 4-cycle engine, hence the unit will benefit from two different warranties:

  • 2-year limited warranty for parts;
  • 4-year warranty for the engine alone.

All the terms apply from the date of purchase, by the original consumer purchaser. They will cover parts and labor associated with replacing those parts. And the defects due to workmanship or materials are also included.

Only the units properly assembled, maintained, adjusted and operated, according to the user manual, are entitled to the entire above. And should the product require transportation to the service center, charges will apply to the purchasers.
If you decide to rent the gas snow blower or use it for commercial purposes, warranty goes down to 90-days. Again, from the date of the original purchase!

Final considerations of Poulan PRO PR241

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The reviews and all the pros and cons of buying a Poulan PRO PR241 gas snow blower say it all. It benefits from the brand reputation, it is powerful enough and still easy to maneuver. And as long as you are comfortable with handling a gas unit, winter can start fearing your snow blower! If you have a choice, make it a Poulan PRO PR241!

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