Husqvarna ST224P vs YARDMAX YB6270(Click on the image for more info on

Husqvarna ST224P vs YARDMAX YB6270

You’re looking at two gas-powered snow blower units, both with a 2-stage construction and a 24-inch clearing width. One of them is from Husqvarna and the other one from YARDMAX. Two names of which you’ve heard before if this isn’t the first time you’re looking for outdoor machinery. But here’s the thing…

They seem to have surprisingly similar tech features. It’s not just the plowing capacity or the engine with the popular LCT technology. They are both quite popular on the market, as they are targeting the same sector. And we completely understand if you’ll find this Husqvarna ST224P vs YARDMAX YB6270 comparison a tough choice.

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Let us show you how we see each of these two models because we brought them face to face. Here’s what we found out and what you too should consider when choosing a gas-powered snow blower for the next winter.

Engine and power

Maybe you’ve heard about LCT engines before or you’re completely clueless. We already said that both the Husqvarna ST224P and the YARDMAX YB6270 are powered this way. So, allow us a few words on the essential aspects:

  • LCT stands for liquid combustion technology;
  • Engines with a patented StormForceTM design are labeled this way;
  • They usually deliver improved performances at sub-zero conditions;
  • Their design also helps with fuel economy, diminishing the greenhouse exhaust gases.

Now, the fact that our selected models carry this technology is a great thing. Sure, it doesn’t make your choice easier. But it doesn’t make you reject one or the other from the very beginning either. In fact, if you consider that they both have a 208cc engine with 9.5 ft. lbs. torque…

Looks like you’re even further from deciding which one is the best gas-powered snow blower. At this point, you’ll have to ask yourself about all the other technical features. We thought that one way or another, we will spot some differences, and here they are…

Other technical features

As gas-powered snow blowers, the Husqvarna ST224P and the YARDMAX YB6270 have multiple speeds. They also rely on a self-propelled driving system with friction disc transmission. And they happen to clean up to 24 inches of snow width in one pass.

As other common points, they both have:

  • 6 forward speeds
  • Performance-improved ribbon augers
  • Remote control chute
  • And work with regular unleaded 87 octane gasoline

As far as the differences are concerned, we can tell that the Husqvarna ST224P has only one reverse speed. And it also has a smaller fuel tank (1.17 liters) and oil tank (16 fl. oz). By comparison, the YARDMAX YB6270 has 2 reverse speeds, a fuel tank of 2.7 liters, and an oil tank of 20 fl. oz.

Are that one extra reverse speed and the bigger tank enough to make the YARDMAX model the right choice? A better choice than the Husqvarna ST224P gas-powered snow blower? At this point, it’s still hard to tell, as it comes down to the design features that will make your work easier.

When power and overall performance seem to fall within the same parameters, the ease of use would have to make a difference. And that one will come, of course, from the main design options.


As a self-propelled gas-powered snow blower, the unit should work well in the snow. Size, however, is going to make a difference when trying to access narrow areas and even to store it. From this perspective, you have:

  • The Husqvarna ST224P with its 198.6 pounds and 25.75 x 22.75 x 41.75 inches;
  • The YARDMAX YB6270 with its 161 pounds and 28.3 x 54.7 x 41.7 inches.

One is heavier but more compact, the other is lighter but bulkier. Moreover…

  • The Husqvarna ST224P has 2 LED headlights, a 3-level adjustable loop handle, heated handle grips, 15-inch tires, steel & aluminum construction.
  • The YARDMAX YB6270 has NO LED headlights, NO adjustable loop or heated handle, and smaller, 13-inch tires.

With both having a durable housing and nicely designed steel augers, the ribbons on the Husqvarna still seem to be catchier. This gas-powered snow blower also has an aluminum gearbox. And you can tell that the manufacturer is more confident in the quality of their products by the warranty. If the YARDMAX comes with a standard 2-year limited warranty… The Husqvarna ST224P has a 3-year limited warranty for the unit and a 5-year engine and auger warranty!

Conclusion for the best gas-powered snow blower

With the final mentions from above, looks like we are ready to draw the conclusions. From where we stand, the Husqvarna ST224P gas-powered snow blower looks and feels more solid. It comes with headlights, which is extremely useful during the short and dark winter days. And it has a more attractive warranty and a lot more positive feedback.

Of course, the YARDMAX YB6270 isn’t far being either and, in many instances, it looks like it could match its opponent. But if you take into account that their price tags are extremely close… It only makes sense you’d like to go with the gas-powered snow blower with the most extended warranty and solid design. Go with the Husqvarna ST224P!

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