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Husqvarna ST224P vs Poulan PRO PR270

Surfing the web and researching on the best features of a two stage gas snow blower? Poulan and Husqvarna must have won your attention by now. Different names, different things, you might tell yourself. But take a two stage gas snow blower from Poulan, the PRO series, and one from Husqvarna, the 200 series.

Both lines have been recently upgraded. So, we have decided to compare the Poulan PRO PR270 with the Husqvarna ST224P units. It won’t stand out, but Husqvarna makes its own engines. And Poulan used a Husqvarna engine when equipping the PRO line of snow blowers. Otherwise said, behind the hood, you are getting the same quality. The common patented LCT technology will make the comparison a bit more difficult. But still, let’s see what you get from each side.

Engine and power

When fighting with heavy snow, engine and power are of the essence. And as we have already mentioned, we have selected two units that share the two stage gas snow blower configuration. And they both rely on a Husqvarna engine. This doesn’t mean that their output is identical. True, we are looking at two LCT units with the same 9.5 lb-ft. The LCT Stormforce technology implemented here is a private version of the liquid combustion technology developed by Husqvarna.

The main difference that can be noticed is in terms of engine displacement. The Poulan PRO PR270 has 254 cylinder capacity and the Husqvarna ST224P only 208 cc. Both can start either with the push of one button or with the classic rope pull. Now, the engine displacement alone and the identical torque don’t necessarily make the PR270 stronger. To determine which two stage gas snow blower is more powerful, we should compare all the other technical features.

Other technical features

Even in this chapter, you’ll find plenty of common aspects. The most notable ones are the friction disc transmission with the 6 forward and 1 reverse speeds. Plus, the fuel tank has the same capacity of 2.7-liter. And for each two stage gas snow blower, the 5W-30 oil is most recommended.

The differences are given, as suggested, by the clearing capacity and the snow throwing distance. The Poulan PRO PR270 seems to take the lead. It boasts a clearing path of 27 x 23 inches, as opposed to the 24 x 23 inches of its opponent. Even its maximum throwing distance goes to 45 feet, compared to only 35 feet at the Husqvarna ST224P.

One thing that makes an essential difference, however, is the fact that the Husqvarna model has power steering. The Poulan PRO doesn’t. Considering that a two stage gas snow blower is usually heavier and bulkier, this is a much coveted technical feature!
Not very conclusive, so far… That’s because they both have pros and cons. And the extra clearing width or throwing distance isn’t the norm. In practice, wet, heavy snow, with ice chunks can make these numbers insignificant. So, perhaps the design will set some distance between these two.


As one might say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But when it comes to selecting the best two stage gas snow blower, looks aren’t enough. You may prefer one or the other for appearance, but here are the facts.

The Poulan unit weighs 240 pounds and measures 35 x 31.5 x 52.25 inches. Plus, it comes with:

  • Ergonomic handles with interlock design and grip loop;
  • Soft touch controls;
  • Single-hand control;
  • 12-inch auger from serrated steel.

The Husqvarna unit weighs 198.6 pounds and measures 25.75 x 22.75 x 41.75 inches. In terms of design, this two stage gas snow blower features:

  • A brighter, LED headlight;
  • Heated handle grips;
  • A loop design handle with 3 different levels;
  • Extended oil drain plug;
  • Idle down knob;
  • Adjustable black dial next to the choke, for switching from slow to fast.

They both have a flexible chute that turns to 180-degree and supports remote control. They both have a headlight and 15-inch tires. But the Husqvarna ST224P seems to be the better looking and more comfortable model. The handle’s adjustable height and the heated handles are more attractive. And combined with the power steering, it’s a winning formula. Even the reviews of these two, put face to face, will reveal that there are more complaints on the Poulan side.


So far, it has become obvious that these models are similar in many instances. But the Husqvarna ST224P is smaller, more compact, and more professionally designed. It also has a 3-year limited warranty and a 5-year engine warranty. The Poulan PRO PR270 is bigger and not particularly more comfortable to use. Its 4 extra inches width at the clearing path are pulled back by over 40 pounds extra weight.
And even though it is cheaper than the other two stage gas snow blower, the Poulan warranty is shorter. You’re losing one year with both the limited warranty (only 2 years) and the engine warranty (only 4 years). Adding the fact that the small engine displacement advantage isn’t a great deal… Would you pay less just to get a two stage gas snow blower that can prove quite difficult to control? And whose warranty is far from stellar? From the two of them, we tend to believe that Husqvarna ST224P can make a better choice. In our opinion, it is well-worth every single extra penny.

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