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Husqvarna ST224P gas powered snow blower

We’ve been reviewing snow blowers for long enough to know that Husqvarna is competing at the top level. If we bring a new gas snow blower to your attention, it is because it is well worth the consideration. The Husqvarna ST224P model, for instance, has been in the news last year as an entry to their redesigned line.

Now that we’ve gathered some solid feedback from our readers and from the extended market, we’ve rounded up the essential. As usual, you’ll get to see what the manufacturer claims and what the people who bought it experienced with it. And we can tell you from now that you will like what you are about to read. Meet the two-stage 24-inch Husqvarna ST224P gas snow blower:

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
Customers Reviews
Final Considerations

Husqvarna ST224P main technical features

The manufacturer equipped the unit with its private branded version of a 208cc LCT Stormforce engine. This model generates 6.3 HP and 9.5 ft-lbs gross torque, powering a two-stage snow blower. It features both a 120V electric start and a backup rope pull start. With power steering and friction disc transmission, Husqvarna ST224P can handle up to 6 forward and only 1 reverse speeds.

To make it start, you will have to fuel its 16 oz oil reservoir, ideally with 5W-30 oil. The fuel tank of this gas snow blower can take up to 0.71 gallons. And when you get it going, it should clear a path of 24 inches width and up to 23 inches height. Snow, depending on consistency, can be discharged at up to 35 feet. What’s interesting, this two-stage unit will generate around 88 dBA sound pressure, at the user’s ear. That’s not little, of course, but it is still less than other models generate, by comparison.

The design of Husqvarna ST224P gas snow blower

When you order a Husqvarna ST224P, expect to get it on a wooden frame, inside a cardboard box. All you have to do is to tear the package into pieces. While having it stand on the wooden frame, assemble the unit. You’ll see that the set-up instructions are reasonably simple and the operator’s manual is accurate.

Ready to work, it will measure 25.75 x 22.75 x 41.75 inches and weigh 198.6 pounds. The gas snow blower will sit on a pair of 15-inch drive tires, possibly overinflated, for reasons of shipping. If necessary, the tires should be reduced to a 14 to 17 psi. After that, all it takes to start the Husqvarna ST224P is to top off the oil and fill it with fresh gas. Using either the electric start or the rope pull will be handy. The latter comes with a guarantee to start on the first or the second pull, tops.

Out in the cold, the unit should make perfect use of its traction system and auger controls. The flexible chute can rotate up to 180 degrees, from left to right, but also upward and downward. All this flexibility and the throwing options can be controlled at the hand level while operating with it.

Aside from the C, the gas snow blower comes with other comfortable traits. It has heated handle grips and LED headlights, for convenient use at late hours. And the handle, with loop design for optimum control, is also adjustable at 3 different levels. It should, therefore, fit to any operator’s height, diminishing the fatigue and increasing the comfort.

What customers have to say about Husqvarna ST224P

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Without a doubt, the Husqvarna ST224P model enjoys a lot more positive reviews than negative feedback. That’s because the machine looks well-built and solid. The only aspect that some would be concerned of, in terms of design, is the plastic control panel. But since it’s something that will have to stand the test of time, it is not often brought into discussion.
So, the users also appreciate that it is easy to put together and to move around. The power steering is a much-welcomed feature, just like the fact that it comes with the special idle down knob. That way, one can keep the gas snow blower on for some time, without actually using it. The unit will lower the idle and help to preserve the engine’s life.

The extended oil fill tube and the extended oil drain plug are also often praised. Consequently, changing the oil is surprisingly convenient. And last but not least, when in use, the Husqvarna ST224P is much quieter compared to other, more massive units.

As for downsides, the most concerning and upsetting fact is a potential problem with the configuration of the impeller belt. Many of the first-time buyers complained that the belt snapped early on. But it appears that the manufacturer knows about this problem. Those who contacted the appropriate customer support channels got it solved on warranty.

Other people have noticed that the startup sometimes requires a second or even a third try. And surprisingly or not, the electric start performs better than the pull rope. Plus, when it’s extremely cold outside, some might consider the hand warmer feature as barely effective.

Pros & cons of using this gas snow blower

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Husqvarna ST224P offers plenty of benefits, all of them confirmed through direct feedback:

  • Easy to unpack and to assemble, thanks to the straightforward and intuitive instructions;
  • Provides power and reliability even in the harshest conditions, through the 208cc Husqvarna engine;
  • Comes with a comfortable limited warranty, extra engine warranty, plus the option to get extended warranty from Husqvarna;
  • It should conveniently start on any kind of weather, either through the electric start button or the pull rope;
  • Husqvarna ST224P is easy to handle, even on steep slopes, due to the power steering;
  • It is easy to maintain, especially when it comes to the oil change, as it features an extended oil drain plug;
  • Solid and reliable, it is built to last longer and to protect the engine with the idle down knob;
  • Provides increased comfort with its heated handle grips, adjustable handle height, and LED headlights.

As suggested above, however, the Husqvarna ST224P gas snow blower is not perfect. If anything, it might present the following disadvantages:

  • It can be a bit pricey;
  • It still requires some technical knowledge to use it and maintain it properly;
  • This thrower comes with a series of maintenance requirements that, if ignored, will risk voiding the warranty;
  • The heated handles don’t have great results in really cold weather.

Warranty & support terms for Husqvarna ST224P

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The general terms of the Husqvarna ST224P warranty state a 3-year limited warranty and a 5-year engine warranty. The limited warranty ensures that the product is free of any kind of defects in both material and workmanship. When problems occur, if normal use and maintenance were ensured, the warranty validation will consider the date of retail purchase.

The limited warranty is, as expected, NOT transferable. And speaking of defects that may or may not be covered, the following parts are NOT covered:

  • Engine attachments
  • Transmissions
  • Emissions control components
  • Expandable parts – spark plugs, lubricants, filters, belts, blades, starter cords etc.

Also, the owner will have the full responsibility regarding:

  • The set-up, the pre-delivery service, and the engine tune-ups;
  • Any adjustments made after the first 30 days of purchase and beyond – like anything relating to the belt guides adjustments, the throttle cable etc.
  • The preventive maintenance as outlined in the operator’s manual.

Registering your Husqvarna ST224P gas snow blower on the manufacturer’s official website, after the purchase, is recommended. Aside from the exclusive updates, you should benefit from a more reliable customer service help.

Final considerations of Husqvarna ST224P

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Many of our readers and buyers out there, when researching for a gas snow blower, are particularly looking for Husqvarna. Their outdoor product range has been developed since 1978 and their engines are used even by other manufacturers. Husqvarna ST224P is an original product, manufactured in the U.S.A., with original components. It’s not a cheap product and not even a massive one – at least not compared to the 30-inch models. But the 208cc 24-inch configuration seems to be highly competitive, effective and durable. And with the customer support that Husqvarna is well known for, this Husqvarna ST224P shouldn’t make you think too much. We recommend it!

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