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Husqvarna ST224 Review

As a two-stage gas powered snow blower, Husqvarna ST224 was particularly designed to effectively clear snow of up to 12 inches height on large areas and slopes. Add to this particular configuration the renown of Husqvarna Wheeled, a high-quality equipment manufacturer with long-time solid reputation on the market, and you’ll want to know more about it:

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Snow Blower Design
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Husqvarna ST224 main technical features

Build to disperse massive chunks of fresh snow, Husqvarna ST224 does it with a 4 cycle 208cc Husqvarna engine, gas powered as already mentioned. Self-propelled, with a friction disc transmission, six speeds, and reverse, respectively an aluminum gearbox, the machine features both electric and pull start, the last one actionable through a choke.

This snow blower has a 2.7-liter fuel tank and comes equipped with everything necessary, except for the gas. Nevertheless, oil is included, the 10W-30 type, and one full tank should be more than enough to last approximately 2 hours, depending on the snow density and the surface you would have to cover.

As expected, the chute rotates up to 180 degrees and comes with a remote deflector. In a nutshell, all these make it possible for Husqvarna ST224 to boast a 24-inch clearing path. How would all these look like?

The design of Husqvarna ST224 snow blower

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The product is massive, without a doubt. Measuring 35 x 28.5 x 52.25 inches and weighing no less than 240 pounds, it looks quite intimidating. At least that’s the feeling that one would get when opening up the package… Even so, putting everything together is relatively simple, as it requires attaching the chute and the deflector with a few bolts.

After that, you just need to check the oil level, to make sure you have enough of it, add the gas and you’re ready to go. Husqvarna ST224 will now resemble with a bulky, all metal housing snow blower on 15-inch tires. Early morning or late night, the LED headlight will come in handy.

And despite its looks, the snow blower is surprisingly easy to maneuver and turn around, barely requiring the use of the reverse gear.

What customers have to say about Husqvarna ST224

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Now that we’ve covered the basics of Husqvarna ST224’s manufacturer details and the overall look, let’s take a peek at what other users have to say about this snow blower, after directly interacting with it at least once:

The general impression is good, the machine doing a more than decent job:

  • As already suggested, for its size and weight, it sure moves well;
  • Even assembling it is easier that it might seem – users recommend simply ignore the Quick Start guide that comes with it and focus on the Operator’s Manual from the box, which seems to be much better documented.

With this snow blower, people get rid even of wet snow, everything working as planned, except for the fact that…

Husqvarna ST224 is a bit noisy. While the manufacturer brags with its “quiet muffler”, customers don’t really agree with it. And the series of discontents continues with the fact that:

  • The machine tends to throw gravel, which made some customers change the skid plates that come with it;
  • The fact that the headlights cannot be turned off no matter what is another turn off;
  • And the heated grips seem to be a bit of a disappointment as well;
  • Last but not least, users complain about the product sheet and the warranty information available on the manufacturer’s official website being a bit misleading…

While it seemed to be a 5-year warranty for the entire Husqvarna ST224 unit, the owner’s manual that comes with it only lists a 5-year warranty for the auger gearbox. Other components have different warranties as well, depending on the manufacturer, and, in some cases, it’s not even clear who the manufacturer is.

Pros & cons of using this snow blower

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Without a doubt, opting for this particular snow blower will give you a series of hard-to-beat benefits:

  • With its metal housing and massive appearance, it has a nice, solid and sturdy feel that gives you confidence in tackling the piles of snow;
  • The 6 speeds and the reverse option make it easy to handle even on steep alleys, even with heavy, wet snow;
  • It is simple and intuitive to set up and well documented, the delivery box including both a Quick Start/Feature Guide and an Operator’s Manual;
  • Very handy and helps to control the snow dispersion – the control lever lets you swing the chute from one side to another and the lever from the control panel lets you lower or raise the discharge.

Nevertheless, Husqvarna ST224 comes a bit short in terms of:

  • General noise level, which is higher than expected, despite the manufacturer’s claim of upgrading it with a quieter muffler;
  • The belts and cables, the parts that seem to tear off most often;
  • Confusions about warranty, which makes people reluctant on what claims of the manufacturer to actually take into account.

Warranty & support terms for Husqvarna ST224

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With the customers reading one thing on the official website and receiving different warranty specifications once they buy the product, looking into the data provided by the official seller might also help.

Should you purchase it from Amazon, you are supposed to benefit from 1 year of guarantee from the date of purchase. But because Husqvarna ST224 is not entirely manufactured by Husqvarna Wheeled, and there are other manufacturers involved as well, one would have to ask for complete information by contacting their technical services department.
Generally, the warranty doesn’t cover defects caused by unreasonable use, faulty repairs conducted by others, or defects triggered by unreasonable maintenance. If any components or the entire product are modified or altered by the consumer or simply used inappropriately, the warranty is void!

In case of need, go to Husqvarna’s official website and search for the closest dealer in your area.

Final considerations of Husqvarna ST224

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Released in 2014 as part of a new, improved line, the Husqvarna ST224 snow blower enjoys, above all, the reputation of the brand. Some users are not very impressed with the latest additions, meaning that they didn’t find them to be vital improvements. All these considered and the rather hefty price, even though Husqvarna ST224 is a decent option, it still worth comparing it with other similar products before taking the most informed decision.

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