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GreenWorks 2601102 Review

The GreenWorks 2601102 cordless snow blower comes from a reputable, well-established manufacturer of outdoor equipment. Through time, we’ve reviewed quite a few of their products, including the 80 V big brother of this model. Today, however, we’d like to take a closer look at this 40 V cordless model. It’s been on the market for some time and opinions are somewhat contradictory.

That’s why we thought you’d like to know more on the GreenWorks 2601102. And we have chosen to revise the cordless snow blower that comes without battery and charger. For a long time, the unit was not available in this form, without the battery. But since the built-in G-Max battery is said to fit over 25 different tools… GreenWorks eventually started to sell the unit separately from the battery. If you have other tools from them, with 4 Ah battery, you might be really interested in the GreenWorks 2601102 deal. So, let’s see what it can offer you…

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
Customers Reviews
Final Considerations

GreenWorks 2601102 main technical features

As a cordless snow blower, the power of this GreenWorks 2601102 lies in its batteries. As suggested, it carries a 40 V lithium battery at 4 Ah, advertised as the industry’s largest 40 V system. Paired with a brushless motor, the single stage unit should work up to 45 minutes when fully charged. By default, this kind of battery is also supposed to take in up to 2000 charge/discharge cycles. Consequently, when used under the conditions indicated by the manufacturer, the GreenWorks 2601102 should do a more than decent job.

The design of GreenWorks 2601102 cordless snow blower

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Just like many other products under the GreenWorks umbrella, this GreenWorks 2601102 features the classic black & green looks. It measures 37 x 21.6 x 31 inches and weighs 30 pounds, sitting on a pair of 7-inch wheels. Now, if you’ve checked other types of cordless snow blower, you know that this weight is actually average. Not necessarily the heaviest out there, but there are certainly other models revolving around 25 pounds. Still, GreenWorks 2601102 comes with an ergonomic design that will reduce fatigue while using it. And that’s something!

The unit is made of polyethylene plastic, known for its sturdiness. The one-piece impellor and its two blades that throw snow, the auger, and the chute are made of polyethylene. The latter can rotate from left to right, with a 180-degree twist, and comes with its own lever at hand. For angle and height adjustments, you have a dedicated nozzle that you probably won’t have to tweak too often.

All in all, the GreenWorks 2601102 cordless snow blower can clear a path of 20 inches width and 8 inches depth. The discharge distance is estimated at a maximum of 20 feet, depending on how heavy the snow is. And the entire process can be guided by the special LED lights that the unit is equipped with.

What customers have to say about GreenWorks 2601102

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As mentioned in the beginning of this GreenWorks 2601102 cordless snow blower review, opinions are divided. If you check what other buyers say about it – like we did with our readers – you’ll notice three general tendencies. There are people who are very happy with the product, tackling up to 6 inches of snow with ease. There are people who say things like “not for my… [area], had to return it”, which, again, makes total sense. And there are people who complain about electrical parts failures.

Since we all know the goods and are more interested in the bads, the third category is the most intriguing. GreenWorks reported, at some point, certain problems with some of these units. And they were replacing them all, without discussions. Those who kept complaining about the GreenWorks 2601102, can also have too high expectations from a cordless snow blower. As opposed to those considering it not suitable for the weather in their area, others tried to force it. And the battery-powered device might have failed…

Another important aspect is that the GreenWorks 2601102 works best when the temperatures are not very low. At some point, you might have to keep it covered with a blanket, in the warehouse, before you take it out. Long story short, knowing how to handle an electric motor will have a great impact on your experience with this unit.

Pros & cons of using this cordless snow blower

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Now that we’ve seen enough from the GreenWorks 2601102, we can sum up our review. So, let’s revise its greatest benefits and the things that could be improved.
On the plus side, the GreenWorks 2601102 is:

  • Manufactured by a reputable company;
  • Gives you the flexibility of purchasing it without a battery;
  • Is a cordless snow blower, which lets you move easier through the snow;
  • Spares you from all the gas hassle and maintenance;
  • Has a relatively lightweight but ergonomic design;
  • Comes with LED lights, for using it any time of the day or night;
  • Comes with an attractive warranty and great customer support.

The only potential flaws we’ve seen on this model are:

  • The augers made of plastic, not steel;
  • The occasional electric failures;
  • The design flaw of the LED switch, too small for gloved-hand operation.

Warranty & support terms for GreenWorks 2601102

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The GreenWorks 2601102 cordless snow blower warranty applies to normal, personal use. The original purchaser will benefit, from the original date of purchase and with a proof of purchase, of a 4-year warranty. This warranty applies to all defects in parts, materials and/or workmanship, for the entire unit.

The 40 V, 4 Ah battery of this unit will benefit, however, of only a 1-year warranty. Workmanship and materials are covered by this battery warranty, provided it was charged according to the operator’s manual instructions.

The only items not covered by warranty are the ones exposed to normal wear and tear. When deterioration due to regular use and exposure occurs or routine maintenance hasn’t been performed… The warranty terms do not apply!

To check with the manufacturer, one should call the 1 888 909 6757 (1 888 90WORKS), their toll-free helpline. Sending the GreenWorks 2601102 back, for repairs under warranty, will be done at the owner’s expense.

Final considerations of GreenWorks 2601102

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After all, the value of the GreenWorks 2601102 is reflected in one’s needs and operating conditions. As a cordless snow blower, it will certainly do a great job at helping you to keep up with the falling flakes. For this reason, if you’re the type of person who waits for snow to stop… Let’s just say it won’t impress you when tackling a pile of snow.

As long as you remember that this GreenWorks 2601102 is not meant for moderate to heavy snow… It will help you save effort and energy, replacing the manual shoveling with flying colors! For light snow, it’s one of the best replacers of the traditional shovel and it saves you a lot of time too!

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