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GreenWorks 2600502 corded snow blower

An electric snow blower is always a tempting choice and GreenWorks knows it well. If you’re not a technical person or just don’t want to worry about gas units, GreenWorks 2600502 could prove handy. This new version of the previous 12-amp model boasts, before anything else, an upgraded motor. Nevertheless, the manufacturer also brags with the improved discharge chute and plastic impeller. What else could make this snow blower an inspired choice for the winter to come?

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Technical Features
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Technical features

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Just like with any other electric unit, the engine is the most important part. As an upgraded version, the GreenWorks 2600502 model is powered by a 13-amp motor that works at 120 volts. The best way to power it while outside, due to the corded-electric power source, would be a powerful extended cord.

Pairing it with a 12 gauge 15-amp cord should, therefore, allow you to use this snow blower at full capacity. The instant electric start takes only one push of a button to get it going. And under the right circumstances, it will open up a clearing path of 20-inch width and 10-inch depth. The discharge can be pushed up to 20-feet, depending on the snow’s consistency. Moreover, the unit features directional throwing, with an adjustable, 180-degree chute, which should make snow removal a breeze.


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The new GreenWorks 2600502 looks small and compact, but it feels rather sturdy, despite its plastic outer case. Taken out of the box, it doesn’t look or feel intimidating at all. A tech savvy will find it easy and fairly intuitive to put the pieces together. Nevertheless, anyone can do it by simply following the instructions from the user’s manual.

The snow blower weighs 30 pounds, measures 37 x 21.6 x 31 inches, and sits on 7-inch wheels. The design is simple and practical, with the user’s comfort in mind. The ergonomic grab handles are durable and with a fold-down mechanism, that allows an easy storage. But the same handles also make for simple maneuvering and easy transport. They even include small handles that one can use to loop the extension cord around it.

Besides the good looks, a GreenWorks 2600502 snow blower is also very convenient to work with. While the instant electric start spares you from low-temperature startup problems, it is also lighter compared to gas models. It makes less noise and it vibrates less. Last but not least, if the snow isn’t too wet or heavy, it works well on all kinds of surfaces.

What customers have to say about GreenWorks 2600502

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Those who ever looked into buying a snow blower and did some research are probably well-aware of electric models’ particularities. GreenWorks 2600502 makes no difference, in the sense that it raises pretty much the same controversies.

On the plus side, those who bought and used the upgraded version, appreciate the following:

  • The snow blower has a logical assembling mechanism, hence it allows an intuitive setting;
  • It chews through fresh snow surprisingly well for an electric model;
  • If the snow is rather light, even if wet, the machine will make your life easier.

On the downside, the unit is:

  • More like an electric shovel, requiring some pushes on your side because it is not self-propelled;
  • Somewhat challenging when it comes to dealing with lots of wet, heavy snow;
  • It can create an uneven path, requiring a scraper check and even an adjustment of its fixing mechanism, if necessary.

It doesn’t take much to realize that GreenWorks 2600502 has the same strengths and flaws of numerous other electric models. But by simply looking into what users have to say, one could easily grasp a winning strategy. So those who want to clear their driveways, patios, or other surfaces with ease should bear in mind that:

  • This snow blower can handle even snow deeper than 10-inches. The secret is to tilt it upwards, blowing off the top half of the pile at first. After that, by easily lowering the unit, and taking several other passes, the path will clear up.
  • Taking shorter strokes that don’t force the impeller, even if snow is a bit wet, is manageable for this machine. The challenges occur with compressed snow or icy patches; if you force it and push hard on it, the plastic blades might deteriorate and the chute could easily clog.

Pros & cons of using this snow blower

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The manufacturer’s indications and the previously suggested customer reviews outline the goods and the bads of GreenWorks 2600502. This snow blower has, indeed, some significant benefits, but also a few drawbacks, as follows:


  • Great price for the quality it provides;
  • Decent and encouraging warranty;
  • Easy maintenance, with no gas and no pull cords;
  • Handy to use and economical;
  • Manageable to maneuver and store;
  • Makes less noise compared to gas models;
  • Doesn’t generate gas or combustion odors.


  • Only works on 120 volts;
  • It is not propelled, requiring you to push it through snow;
  • It has plastic blades and plastic outer case; therefore, its durability can be questionable;
  • Requires a more powerful extension cord to perform well;
  • The cord can be somewhat difficult to manage when outside and operating the snow blower.

Warranty & support

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The manufacturer offers two different warranties for a GreenWorks 2600502 snow blower:

  • The actual unit can benefit from a 4-year warranty. This one covers defects in parts, materials, and workmanship.
  • The battery benefits from a 1-year warranty. This one covers defects in materials and workmanship.

All warranties apply to personal use and only if the GreenWorks 2600502 unit was handled according to the manufacturer’s indications. Renting it or giving it away for industrial or commercial purposes will void the warranty!

Also, normal wear, deterioration of the outer finish and routine interventions (lubrication, blade sharpening) are not covered by warranty. The same goes for any defect caused by misuse, neglect, accident, abuse, improper maintenance or commercial use.
When the above terms apply, the user also needs to make the proof of purchase before benefiting from warranty. And unless GreenWorks requests it in writing, the owner supports any transportation fees with sending in the model for service.

Final considerations of GreenWorks 2600502

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GreenWorks 2600502 is a best seller snow blower on Amazon and generally widely appreciated. It caters the needs of conscious buyers and also helps the people who don’t do well with gas models. What’s even more tempting, it has a great acquisition price, with different packages that include extra features. Just like any other electric unit, it has its limitations. But as long as you understand its capabilities and follow the indications of the manufacturer, it’s definitely a winner.


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