GreenWorks 2600202 vs Maztang (MT988)(Click on the image for more info on

GreenWorks 2600202 vs Maztang (MT988)

When it comes to choosing a corded snow blower, all eyes are on GreenWorks. After all, the manufacturer is famous for its gas-free, eco-friendly products and many are tempted to choose a GreenWorks 2600202. But if the brand is not an essential attribute on your checklist, Maztang (MT988) makes for a great alternative. At least that’s what its growing popularity seems to indicate. So here we are, with these two products face to face, trying to determine which one is the best.

Engine and power

The numbers, on this chapter, are, perhaps, the most revelatory in terms of performance. To make the comparison more difficult, 13 is the lucky number for both models. This means that both GreenWorks 2600202 and Maztang (MT988) are powered by a 13 Amp engine. In theory, we can expect to discover very similar technical performances.

In practice, however, according to the manufacturers of each corded snow blower, there is a significant difference. When it comes to how much snow the units can plow per minute, the Maztang (MT988) takes the lead. Its up to 800lbs of snow per minute make the 200lbs of GreenWorks 2600202 look like a significant drawback.

But let’s not stop here and move on to the other technical aspects that could make up for this difference.

Other technical features

The second most important aspect of a corded snow blower, after engine and power, is the clearing path. Lucky for GreenWorks 2600202, its 20 x 10-inch clearing path does seem to provide an extra advantage. That’s because Maztang (MT988) can clear up to 18×10-inches of snow in one pass, a bit less though not significantly.

Both units are equipped with an adjustable chute that can rotate up to 180 degrees. But there’s another striking difference on this chapter, regarding the snow discharge height. The GreenWorks unit estimates a 20-feet distance for light, fluffy snow and only 10-feet for heavy, wet snow. Maztang takes the lead, once again, promising to discharge snow up to 30-feet away.


At this point, GreenWorks 2600202 would better impress a little bit at least in terms of design and dimensions. The problem is that its 37x31x 1.6 inches can hardly compete the 22x20x19.5 inches of the Maztang (MT988). The difference, however, is that the latter is 4-pound heavier – 36lbs against only 32lbs of the GreenWorks corded snow blower. Bulkier but easier, it is just as simple to assemble as its competitor.

Speaking of design, the Maztang comes with an ergonomic handle covered in foam and sits on two plastic wheels. The GreenWorks model also has wheels, but they have 7-inch tires and should face the snow easier. It also has LED lights, meaning you’ll be able to use it without worries even during the most inconvenient hours.

To sum up, Maztang (MT988) is trying to advertise itself as extremely ergonomic, but users don’t always agree. Moreover, its performances vary depending on the type of snow you’re dealing with. GreenWorks 2600202 seems easier to handle, but it also requires extra care, since its blades are made of plastic.


The only things left when concluding on the best corded snow blower are the price and the warranty. Just like we got used to, differences are, again, hard to tell. That’s because GreenWorks 2600202 has a more extended limited warranty of 4 years, but it’s usually a tad more expensive. Maztang (MT988), on the other hand, comes with only 2 years of warranty. On top of all that, it is also significantly less popular. It has been bought by considerably fewer persons and it benefits from significantly fewer reviews online.

The conclusion would be that Maztang (MT988) looks like a slightly more performant corded snow blower. At the same time, it doesn’t benefit from the brand popularity of GreenWorks 2600202. So, the question is, what are you really looking for? Something that promises a lot but hasn’t been tested intensively? Or something that doesn’t look as bright yet it benefits from the brand popularity and trustworthiness?

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