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GreenWorks 2600202 electric snow blower

GreenWorks is famous for its selection of reliable corded snow throwers, among many other things. If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ve seen us reviewing alternatives to gas snow blowers manufactured by them. Today we’re going to look at the GreenWorks 2600202 model. One snow thrower that often raises discussions among our readers. It looks small but promises to be mighty. Can it be the right snow blower for the winters in your area?

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
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Final Considerations

GreenWorks 2600202 main technical features

Many people looking to buy a snow blower are concerned about the technical features of electric models. The engine, the clearing path and plowing capacity, the driving system are factors that will ease their mind or… not. Luckily, with GreenWorks 2600202 the details are generally encouraging.

This model is powered by a 13 Amp engine. It is corded and features electric start. As for the clearing path that it can generate from one pass, it measures a decent 20-inch width and 10-inch depth.

According to the manufacturer, when dealing with dry, fluffy snow, it can throw it up to 20-feet. As for the heavier, wet snow, it can still throw it to a decent 5-10-feet distance.

If you like the sound of all that, let’s move on to how it looks and feels. The design is just as important because it dictates how comfortable it will be for you to handle it.

The design of GreenWorks 2600202 snow blower

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GreenWorks manufactures electric snow throwers with a focus on lightweight, ergonomic designs. Since this snow blower measures 37×21.6×31 inches and weighs 32 pounds, it looks like they got it right, again.

When you take the GreenWorks 2600202 out of the box, you will be surprised by how light it feels. It helps that only the side cover, axle, control rod, and handles are made of steel. Everything else, the auger included, are made of high impact plastic.

The compact and foldable design requires minimal assembly. Once you put everything together, you can push it on its 7-inch tires out in the snow. The adjustable, directional chute that spins at 180 degrees also makes for easy maneuvering.
This snow thrower is not just simple to use, but also very quiet. That’s why you can go out to clear the snow early in the morning, when it’s still dark. Even late at night, neighbors won’t be bothered at all. As far as visibility is concerned, the powerful dual LED lights will get you covered.

What customers have to say about GreenWorks 2600202

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Most of our readers appreciate the GreenWorks 2600202 snow blower for its lightweight construction, comparing it to an electric shovel. Though some would complain that it is not self-propelled, most reviews specify that it is incredibly easy to push around.

Speaking of pushing, another great reason of content is the way it handles snow around 10 inches and more. Despite its clearing path being of 10-inch depth, some users brag about tackling even up to 16 inches of snow. The secret, they say, is to use shorter strokes and to tilt the blower upward as you move on.

As expected, GreenWorks 2600202 finds it a bit difficult to work wonders with very wet snow. And when you bump into icy patches or compressed snow, its lightness makes it difficult to push forward through snow. The same goes for the areas from the end of the driveways. If you have sandy material left from those who clear the roads piling up on your alley, proceed with caution!

Uneven surfaces are a challenge for those who try to clear everything down to the pavement with this snow blower. For shorter paths, our readers say it is manageable. Nevertheless, the longer and more winding or uneven the path is, the more difficult it will be to clean it. Under such circumstances, many of them are dreaming for a self-propelled unit.
Most negative reviews state that this model is a bit underpowered. But there are plenty of other positive reviews who remind buyers that this electric model has its natural limitations. As long as you’re aware of those limitations and use the right cord, they say it should be a breeze. Even if, on some occasions, they tackle their driveways with more than one pass, people still like it.

Pros & cons of using this snow blower

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We’ve mentioned that the feedback we get from our readers is mostly positive. Now let’s round up the pros and cons.

On the plus side, GreenWorks 2600202 is:

  • A great alternative to gas units that requires no special maintenance;
  • Easy start, no cords to pull or recoils that fail to start at low temperatures;
  • More powerful than other snow throwers because of the cord;
  • A pleasure to work with for anyone, women or men, at any age, thanks to its lightweight construction;
  • Comfortable to use even for longer periods, as the ergonomic design reduces fatigue;
  • Very quiet, due to the electric system;
  • Easy to store and doesn’t take much place, thanks to its foldable handles.

The only downsides of the GreenWorks 2600202 snow blower are that:

  • It is a bit more difficult to handle and with clear coverage limitations because of the cord. The user manual specifies 50’ at 12awg in terms of proper length and gauge for a suitable extension cord.
  • It is not self-propelled and you have to push it yourself, though it is easy to maneuver.
  • The blades are made of plastic, requiring extra care depending on what kind of surface you’re using it.

Warranty & support terms for GreenWorks 2600202

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Information regarding warranty and support for this particular model, GreenWorks 2600202, isn’t very generous. All sellers specify a 4-year limited warranty offered by the manufacturer. And depending on where you’re buying it from, you can also opt for extended plans.

As you would anticipate, this warranty is for non-commercial use and doesn’t cover:

  • Wearable parts;
  • Normal deterioration of the outer case due to use/exposure;
  • Routine maintenance for the impeller or blade sharpening etc.

Trying to fix the snow blower by yourself and making any unauthorized service intervention will also void the warranty.

Whenever in need of servicing, proof of purchase is essential for benefiting from warranty. And to top it off, it’s always the customer’s responsibility to support the shipping fees.

Final considerations of GreenWorks 2600202

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The manufacturer makes it clear that GreenWorks 2600202 was conceived for light, fluffy snow, on flat terrains. If that’s what you’re dealing with every winter, this snow blower brings a great value for the money you pay. Its generous warranty is also encouraging, but the overall positive reviews speak for it. The only advice we could possibly give you other than to buy a GreenWorks 2600202 snow blower? To pair it with the right extension cord – it makes a huge difference in terms of performances.

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