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DAYE DS24E gas snow blower

Among the snow blower manufacturers, Daye isn’t necessarily a name that many have heard of. Nevertheless, the Chinese manufacturer of garden power tools is beginning to claim its share on the market. That’s why you’ll come to see this DAYE DS24E gas snow blower more and more often, provided by various sellers.

Today, we will put the DAYE DS24E unit under scrutiny. Our assumption here is that, under the hood, you’ll find plenty of elements that aren’t necessarily a novelty. Whether it is the right gas snow blower for the area where you live, it will still be your decision. Hopefully, we will make it an easier call.

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
Customers Reviews
Final Considerations

DAYE DS24E main technical features

This is a 2-stage unit, powered by gas and boasting an electric start system backed up by a recoil. It has an LCT Storm Force Engine with a 208cc displacement, 9.5 ft-lb gross torque, 6.5 HP, and 3,600 RMP. And it offers a selection of multiple gears with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds.

If the name of “LCT Storm Engine” doesn’t say much to you, we have to underline it. This is the same engine model you would find on an Ariens or a Husqvarna gas snow blower. That’s also the reason why we said it is based on a reliable technical configuration.

The fuel tank can soak up to 1 gallon, which is a decent addition. And once you get it going, you can throw the snow to a distance of up to 40 feet. As far as the noise level is concerned, the unit includes a muffler, so it should be more bearable.

The design of DAYE DS24E gas snow blower

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As expected, the DAYE DS24E units are somewhat heavy, at 200 lbs. This particular model measures 24 x 36 x 35 inches. And it comes with a 12-inch auger and a 24 x 21-inch clearing path. The bulky housing sits on a pair of 13 x 4-inch snow tread tires, enhanced with adjustable, steel skid shoes.

The outer casing of the gas snow blower is all made of steel, the chute included. The impeller and the auger, with their 12-inch diameter, are actually made of serrated steel. Speaking of which, the chute can turn up to 190 º, yet it features a rapid-turn technology with remote control.

All in all, this DAYE DS24E looks rather sturdy. And its LED Light is a welcomed feature that not many models in this class have. Nevertheless, we are far from reaching a conclusion. As usual, we will look into the feedback from our readers and from other buyers out there.

What customers have to say about DAYE DS24E

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From this standpoint, the general opinion regarding Daye’s gas snow blower is not quite conclusive. On one hand, there are all kinds of people who give DAYE DS24E the highest rating. On the other hand, there is also a number of unhappy users that could make potential buyers have second thoughts.

The DAYE DS24E experience seems to start well. The product is easy to assemble and the instructions are intuitive, yet there may be some hiccups. Not necessarily from the first or from the second use, but later down the road. With some users, it’s the tires that go flat. With many users, it’s the snow throwing capacity that seems to disappoint. And there are also people who complain about the auger drive belt that keeps jumping off. The customer support doesn’t seem to be easy to contact either.

The obvious discrepancies between the goods and the bads make us wonder. Perhaps the product needs a bit more time on the market. As new reviews will show up, a more conclusive general opinion could become obvious. For now, we can recap all the pros and cons of the DAYE DS24E gas snow blower. The input from the manufacturer can still help in taking a decision…

Pros & cons of using this gas snow blower

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The advantages, at least from what we have discussed so far, are easy to list. This product enjoys:

  • A decent size for the average model of snow blower powered by gas;
  • Flexibility in tackling all kinds of snow heights, from 3 inches to 23 inches;
  • An intuitive design that makes it easy to assemble the entire unit;
  • Straightforward functioning principles and standard maintenance requirements;
  • Improved visibility when using it in the dark, thanks to the LED light;
  • Enhanced control and extra comfort thanks to the plow-style handles;
  • Equipped for noise reduction;
  • Double start system, electric and recoil;
  • A sturdy, steel construction;
  • A decent traction power;
  • An encouraging warranty.

As far as the downsides are concerned, the DAYE DS24E gas snow blower:

  • Lacks the power steering;
  • Enjoys rather contradictory feedback so far;
  • The manufacture may be difficult to contact.

The number of negative observations is small. Letting aside those negative reviews, everything that DAYE DS24E promises to offer is hard to beat. Since the seller’s offer looks so good, let’s quickly revise the warranty terms and see where it leads us.

Warranty & support terms for DAYE DS24E

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The main promise you’ll get when purchasing this gas snow blower is a 2-year consumer warranty. This policy should cover the general warranty, as well as the parts that may be required through time, in full. To make it even better, DAYE DS24E offers a toll-free service that should be used whenever in trouble.

Final considerations of DAYE DS24E

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In the end, should you trust the positive reviews or the somewhat confusing, negative reviews of the DAYE DS24E? The price is tempting, for its class of products. And the two-year full warranty applied to an offer that already looks very good… Suffices to say that, from where we stand, the final call would have to depend on the seller. As suggested, this gas snow blower won’t be purchased directly from Daye. So, ask yourself if you are looking at a special offer from a reputable seller. Is it a company that you really trust and whose customer support you can rely on? If that’s the case, you shouldn’t think twice about whether to try the DAYE DS24E or not.

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