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Best 3 gas snow blowers

Mother nature doesn’t seem impressed with how we live and change the climate, so, bad weather slams us every winter. But you shouldn’t be impressed with its blizzards either! Not if you have the best gas snow blower out there to rely on… We know you’ve been researching for it and looking around, more or less puzzled. We did it too and, through time, we’ve looked not just into every single one of these products. We’ve also reviewed them in pairs, for a more effective comparison.

Each of our findings has led us to the following list with the 3 best-rated gas snow blowers: Briggs and Stratton 1696619, Husqvarna ST224P and YARDMAX YB6270, in this particular order. We will present each of them to you in this review, helping you spot the main features and differences. By the end of it all, you should have enough information to decide which one is truly worth your investment. And if you still feel the need for more information, check the resource box from the bottom of the page!

#1. Briggs and Stratton 1696619

For the past 100 years, Briggs and Stratton has slowly but steadily built its rock-solid reputation on the market. And this Briggs and Stratton 1696619 ranking as the best gas snow blower in our top-rated list is no mistake. Powered by a 250cc engine with 11.5 ft. lbs. gross torque, it plows up to 20 lbs/min. It works even when the thermometer drops down to -20 Celsius degrees, clearing paths of 27 x 20 inches. And it starts with one button push, offering you 5 forward 2 reverse speeds to tackle piles of snow with.

But the Briggs and Stratton 1696619 model isn’t the best gas snow blower just because of its engine and power. The design is also guaranteed to charm anyone looking for a sturdy, well-built, but also an easy-to-maneuver unit. After all, it encompasses 43 x 29 x 56 inches of steel (frame, auger, chute!) and weighs 189 pounds. Even the gearbox is protected within a strong, aluminum case. If weight is raising concerns, the 14 x 4-inch tires and the solid skid shoes will shatter any doubts.

Add to the entire above the friction disc transmission, the LED headlights, the on-panel deflector control, and the hands-free maneuvering… And you might as well refuse to hear about any other snow blower than the Briggs and Stratton 1696619. Still, do us the courtesy of taking a peek at the next two recommended options of best gas snow blower: the Husqvarna ST224P and the YARDMAX YB6270. They’re also top rated for quite a few irresistible reasons…

#2. Husqvarna ST224P

The Husqvarna brand may not have such an extended history as Briggs and Stratton… But chances are you’ll hear about the Husqvarna ST224P just as often. Reviewed individually or compared to the 1696619 model, it blows in the neck of its competitor from close range. Specifically, this unit has a 208cc LCT Stormforce engine with 9.5 ft. lbs. gross torque and 6.3 HP. It features a push-button start, backed up by a rope-pull start, and it comes with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds. Moreover, it can clear patches of 24 x 23 inches of snow, discharging it to 35 feet!

This is the second-best gas snow blower and you’ve probably seen why: it promises to clear more but its engine has less torque. It is also a bit heavier, at 198.6 pounds and it measures 25.75 x 22.75 x 41.75 inches. Other than that, it also has hand-level controls, sturdy, 15-inch tires, and handy LED headlights. To top it off, it comes with 3 adjustable levels on the handle and with heated grips. What it might lack in power will certainly compensate in terms of design and comfort.

So, if you’re not exactly in an area where winters keep you in the home with terrible blizzards… You can still face heavy snowfalls with this Husqvarna ST224P. And if it suits your weather conditions and you start enjoying how it feels handling it in the snow… It could very well be the best gas snow blower for you. If not, you have one more option left on the table. Let’s see what’s in it for you!

#3. YARDMAX YB6270

The name of YARDMAX is often associated with the one of LCT, a renowned US-owned company. The latter is specialized in the production of 4-cycle air-cooled gasoline engines with liquid combustion technology. The former is doing a great job at pairing its best gas snow blower, the YARDMAX YB6270, with LCT engines. The result is a 208cc engine, just like the one from the Husqvarna model from above. Same 9.5 ft. lbs. gross torque, with a slightly higher horse power (7 HP). But if you take its 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds into account, plus its 24 inches clearing width… You can see why it’s on our best 3 gas snow blowers list.

Now, this YARDMAX YB6270 also has the advantage of being the lightest, at only 161 pounds. It measures 28.3 x 54.7 x 41.7 inches and it is also made of solid steel (case, chute, and auger). The tires are a bit smaller, at 13 x 4 inches, but it has both push-button and recoil start options. It is a self-propelled unit and it even boasts a special ax-shaped housing for the auger. Clearing anything from fluffy to icy snow should, therefore, be a breeze when you power on this gas blower.

Best gas snow blower conclusion

The models you’ve seen above are, every single one of them, the best gas snow blower from their manufacturers. Briggs and Stratton, Husqvarna, and YARDMAX are all imposing names of the industry. And Briggs and Stratton 1696619, Husqvarna ST224P and YARDMAX YB6270 are their most popular models. Smaller or bigger, they are all steel-solid and they have quite similar engine configurations. They are even in the same price range category, which brings them even closer. To delve into the details of each of them – pros and cons, customers’ opinions, warranty & support details and so on, check our resources from below:

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