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Best electric snow blower

Efficient snow clearing is not just about the size of the snow blower you’re using. That’s one of the reasons why electric models have become increasingly popular lately. Technology evolves and nowadays power comes in small packages as well. Do you live in an area with moderate snow and you have a small yard to clean? The best electric snow blower for you might be one of the following models.

In this article, we are reviewing the top rated electric models from some renowned manufacturers of electric equipment. WORX, Snow Joe, GreenWorks, Maztang or Toro, you’ve probably heard them all. They all brag with selling the best electric snow blower. Chances are you haven’t seen their top-rated products face to face, but you’re going to do it now.

In this review, we will make some general comparisons between the following models:

  • WORX WG650
  • Snow Joe Ultra SJ621
  • GreenWorks 2600502
  • Maztang
  • Toro 38381

Best electric snow blower by engine and power

Engine and power are two controversial features and the reason why electric models are often disregarded compared to gas units. Everyone looking for the best electric snow blower out there will first ask about the engine and the power it provides.

Our 5 snow blowers actually occupy only 3 positions on this chapter:

  1. 15 Amp – Toro 38381
  2. 5 Amp – Snow Joe Ultra SJ621
  3. 13 Amp – WORX WG650, GreenWorks 2600502 and Maztang

All 5 rely on an OEM Branded engine and are corded electric models with electric start. Where else should we look in terms of technical performances for the best electric snow blower? The clearing path coupled with the plowing capacity would be a great indicator:

A top of the largest clearing width and depth would look like that:

  1. Toro 38381 – 18 x 12-inch
  2. GreenWorks 2600502 – 20 x 10-inch
  3. Maztang and Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 – 18 x 10-inch
  4. WORX WG650 – 18 x 9-inch

A bit surprising, the plowing capacity doesn’t necessarily follow the same trends. And it sure cannot pinpoint the best electric snow blower all by itself:

  • According to the manufacturer, Maztang leads with 800 lbs/minute, despite having the least-powerful engine and a slightly-smaller auger capacity.
  • GreenWorks 2600502, with the second largest clearing path and an engine comparable to Maztang offers a plowing capacity of only 200 lbs/minute.
  • Toro 38381 with its 700 lbs/min and Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 with 650 lbs/min would score a middle ranking.

The maximum throwing distance of the chute is also interesting to look at, reflecting the power of the best electric snow blower in our top:

  • Up to 30-feet: Toro 38381, WORX WG650 and Maztang
  • Up to 20-feet: Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 and GreenWorks 2600502

Needless to insist on, the engine technical specs and the clearing path are the only constants in this equation. The plowing capacity and the throwing distance will very much depend on how wet and heavy the snow is. So, whatever the manufacturer would state might be different from what users experience when being out in the snow.

Technical features

So far, we’ve covered what powers up these models and the way they tackle the snow, at least in theory. Another technical aspect we should look into is the chute.

Any alleged best electric snow blower will brag with its directional-throwing, flexible chute that rotates up to 180 degrees. Among our selected products, all of them have this feature. The only exception is the Toro 38381, whose chute can rotate up to 160 degrees.

In addition to all of the above:

WORX WG650 – works with an extension cord of at least 12 gauge and a maximum recommended length of 20-feet. Also, it is 1-UL listed, ETL listed and CSA listed.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 – works with an extension cord of at least 12 gauge and a maximum recommended length of 100-feet. It comes with manual pitch control and it is ETL and CSA listed.

GreenWorks 2600502 – works with an extension cord of at least 12 gauge and a maximum recommended length of 100-feet. It comes with manual pitch control and auger assisted drive system. As opposed to the other models, it is only CSA listed.

Maztang – works with an extension cord of at least 12 gauge. It is only ETL listed, so quite a few extra features to truly stand as the best electric snow blower.

Toro 38381 – works with an extension cord of at least 12 gauge and a maximum recommended length of 150-feet. It comes with 1 forward and 1 reverse speed and manual pitch control. It is 1-UL and CSA listed.

Despite the 20-degree limitation of the chute direction, it looks like the Toro model has a small advantage on this chapter. This may not necessarily make it the best electric snow blower out there, but it is definitely a top option.

Best electric snow blower in terms of design

As much as we’re interested in the technical aspects, design shouldn’t be ignored either. It’s not just about how pretty and shine is the best electric snow blower. It’s actually about how much it weighs and how comfortable it feels when using it in the snow. What dimensions it has, what is it made of, where and how you can store it.

All these considered, let’s have a look at these top-rated models:

The lightest unit:

  1. Toro 38381 – 24 pounds, entirely made of plastic;
  2. WORX WG650 – 26.5 pounds, body and chute made of plastic, auger made of steel;
  3. GreenWorks 2600502 – 30 pounds, entirely made of plastic;
  4. Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 – 33.3 pounds, body and chute made of plastic, auger made of steel;
  5. Maztang – 36 pounds; manufacturer doesn’t detail the materials it was made of.

The smallest unit:

  1. WORX WG650 – 20.7 x 18.9 x 18.9 inches, 5-inch the auger diameter;
  2. Maztang – 19.5 x 22 x 20 inches, auger diameter not specified by manufacturer;
  3. Toro 38381 – 36.2 x 18 x 47 inches the unit, 7-inch the auger diameter;
  4. GreenWorks 2600502 – 37 x 21.6 x 31 inches, 10-inch the auger diameter;
  5. Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 – 45 x 19 x 38 inches, 10-inch the auger diameter.

In a nutshell, the most consistent in terms of low weight, small size is the WORX WG650. And the surprise comes from the Maztang, which is among the smallest and heaviest units.

Rest assured, our quest to finding the best electric snow blower out there doesn’t stop here. Other interesting details about their design are listed below:

WORX WG650 – 5.5 x 5.5-inch tires, design that aims for ease of use, with adjustable handlebar, oversized chute controller, and foldable structure.

Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 – 4.5 x 2.5-inch tires, ergonomic grips on the handles, 20-watt halogen light, 4-blade auger, adjustable deflector.

GreenWorks 2600502 – 7 x 3.5-inch tires, ergonomic grab handles, special loop for the extension cord, and foldable structure.

Maztang – large wheels with ¼ steel axle, ergonomic handles covered in high-quality foam, and foldable structure.

Toro 38381 – 6 x 1.5-inch tires, full-bail ergonomic handle, power curve technology that clears snow down to the ground, adjustable zip deflector, inverted funnel housing that prevents clogging, and foldable structure.

Now do not rush into picking the best electric snow blower! Before we draw a conclusion, we should look into the warranty terms. While the conditions for residential use are the same, it’s the period that varies, as follows:

  • 4-year warranty: GreenWorks 2600502
  • 2-year warranty: WORX WG650, Snow Joe Ultra SJ621, and Toro 38381
  • 1-year warranty: Maztang


We tried making distinctions between the lines. We’re not going to name one product as the best electric snow blower because that’s your call to make. What we can do, however, is a short recap:

Toro seems to be the most popular, Maztang the least reviewed. Snow Joe and GreenWorks products come from famous manufacturers, hence their popularity. With this popularity, also comes the ease of finding various parts and a reliable customer support. Perhaps you also need to look into the detailed reviews of these snow blowers? We already covered them all, so go ahead and surf through our reviews.

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