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Best 3 cordless snow blowers

So, you are looking for the best cordless snow blower out there… It probably means you’re living in an area where snow falls aren’t particularly overwhelming. But you still want to be able to shovel it all, fast and easy. Without gas and oil tune-ups and without dangling cords. Most importantly, without working on the clock, fearing that in 20 minutes from now, the battery will die.

Snow Joe and GreenWorks are the two main manufacturers that you’ll get to – whether you follow our leads or run your own research. How would you like to save yourself the effort? Join us in this analyze and see what we consider to be the best 3 cordless snow blowers: Snow Joe iON18SB, GreenWorks Pro 80V, and Snow Joe iON24SB-XRP. Naturally, this suggested order is opened for debate, but at least you’ll have all the facts in one place. Go on and see for yourself!

#1. Snow Joe iON18SB

Our best cordless snow blower is this single stage unit from the Snow Joe® line. If you haven’t seen the Snow Joe iON18SB so far, you’re going to love what you are about to read. It’s a cord-free model powered by rechargeable Li-Ion batteries at 40 V, 4 Ah, backed up by a 500 W brushless motor. For starters, focus on the batteries, because they boast the Snow Joe’s famous patent-pending technology, EcoSharp. This one will give you the much-coveted cordless autonomy but it will also extend the motor’s life!

Now, for the actual numbers, consider the following. With this model, you should be able to shovel 18 x 8 inches (width x depth) of snow. The autonomy is estimated at 50 minutes, depending on the outside temperature and how wet or icy the snow is. An average of 500 lbs of snow should be handled, however, per minute, thrown up to 15-20 feet distance!

Just in case you were wondering how light the best cordless snow blower really is… Or what specific design features it has, again, we’ll stick to the numbers. The Snow Joe iON18SB has 32 pounds and measures 43.3 x 20.5 x 37.4 lbs. With a sleek and sharp design, ready to assemble in under 10 minutes, this snow blower is enchanting to use.

Consider the LED headlight and the adjustable handles, the silent operation mode, the flexible rubber blades that protect all surfaces… Try the Snow Joe iON18SB if you have the chance or, in any case, take it into account! Compare it with our next products in this best 3 cordless snow blowers review. Whatever you do, you can’t afford to overlook it!

#2. GreenWorks Pro 80V

Another candidate for the best cordless snow blower that is well worth your money is this GreenWorks Pro 80V. The GreenWorks name is probably just as popular as the Snow Joe, but with a higher focus on electric units. And like the Snow Joe from above, this one too has something special under the hood. Its Li-Ion battery system is clocked at 80 V, with 2.0 Ah batteries with Panasonic cells. The estimated autonomy is somewhere between 45 to 60 minutes and the throwing distance of 15-20 feet. What’s even more interesting, it should shovel up to 850 lbs of snow per minute!

Continuing with the plus side, it measures 37 x 21.6 x 31 inches and, given its design, it seems a bit smaller. It also offers 2 extra inches on the clearing path – 20 x 10 inches (width x depth). But it weighs 33 lbs and this added weight can easily make the promised performances vary. Of course, it all depends on the weather conditions. Yet the fact that this GreenWorks Pro 80V enjoys fewer positive reviews compared to our best-rated product says a lot.

As great competitors as Snow Joe and GreenWorks are, the former has officially taken the lead. And here’s another proof… The third position in this top of the best 3 cordless snow blowers is occupied by another Snow Joe model.

#3. Snow Joe iON24SB-XRP

With the Snow Joe iON24SB-XRP, the manufacturer launched the first two-stage cordless snow blower! It still carries the traditional brushless engine, OEM branded, but at 2500 W. And its battery system consists of 2 Li-Ion units clocked at 40 V and 6.0 Ah each. Plus, as a two-stage unit, it also has 3 forward and 1 reverse speeds. Add the 24 x 13 inches (width x depth) clearing path, the 1000 lbs/minute plowing capacity, and the 32 feet maximum throwing distance… Soon enough, you’ll be entitled to ask yourself why isn’t this Snow Joe iON24SB-XRP the best cordless snow blower in this top! And here’s why…

For starters, this model has the same 50-minute autonomy like our first recommended Snow Joe unit. This aspect, coupled with the dimensions and weight that are visibly bigger, makes it the last, though not the least. 47 x 40 x 25.7 inches may not seem like something impossible to cope with and it isn’t! But the 105.8 lbs, more than triple from what we’ve seen before, can make you prefer the GreenWorks Pro 80V instead. Or the Snow Joe iON18SB, which is the lightest cordless snow blower from what we’ve reviewed in this top.

All in all, the Snow Joe iON24SB-XRP comes with massive extra power, something greatly appreciated. And still, because of its dimensions and weight, it can last as long as the other, smaller and lighter models. All these being said, does autonomy matter to you when you draw the line? Then you’ll have to agree with our suggested best cordless snow blower options, in this particular order!


With this succinct review, we tried to draw the attention to some of the best cordless units. You’ve seen it yourself, each of them has something that stands out and makes you think it’s the one. The first option is the lightest, which is an irresistible advantage, and the positive feedback it enjoys is overwhelming! The second option is smaller and with a larger clearing path – again, understandable, very tempting! And the third option is truly a revolutionary battery-powered snow blower.

However, we’ve chosen the Snow Joe iON18SB as the best cordless snow blower. Engine and power, design features, and our readers’ feedback have all been taken into account. The overall perception is that this model from Snow Joe does the best with balancing all these aspects. The two other models, from GreenWorks and, once again, Snow Joe, are, however, equally interesting. Keep that in mind and decide for yourself! If you feel you could still use some extra information…

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