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ARIENS 921030 gas powered snow blower

Ariens is an American manufacturer of finely crafted outdoor machines, with a tradition on the market of over 80 years. The ARIENS 921030 unit is a 28-inch gas snow blower supposed to boast a 65 tons/hour snow removal capacity. Part of the Deluxe series, this so-called Deluxe 28 model is the second in line, right after the 24-inch model. While it keeps the same engine, it brings extra clearing width, extra tons/hour and a new auto turn feature. Let’s see what else will the ARIENS 921030 offer you.

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
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ARIENS 921030 main technical features

Technical features should reflect, at least in theory, the performances of a gas snow blower. From this standpoint, the unit can move, as suggested, up to 65 tons of snow per hour. Its clearing path will measure 28 inches width and 21 inches height. And the throwing distance can be anything between 3 – 50 feet, depending on how wet the snow is. All these are powered up by the powerful Ariens AX engine, a staple product of the manufacturer.

In a nutshell, ARIENS 921030 has a four cycle 254cc engine with 12 ft lbs of torque and 9 hp. The two stage unit features both an electric start, at 120V, and a pull-cord start. It has 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds, easily controllable through the power drive wheels. This means that releasing the hand grips will not let the unit go for a walk either, for obvious safety reasons.

So far, it looks quite impressive, though, there are still a couple of other aspects left to inspect.

The design of ARIENS 921030 gas snow blower

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Built to face heavy snow, the snow blower measures 34 x 34 x 50 inches and weighs 255 pounds. This weight will obviously put it in the category of heavy duty machines, though, at the lower limit. Nevertheless, you should discover that this isn’t necessarily a problem, the tires and the steering system doing a great job.

Other than that, ARIENS 921030 looks quite imposing and its design features successfully blend the practical and the aesthetic requirements:

  • Tall housing height;
  • Auto-turn steering;
  • Interlocking handles that allow single-handed operation;
  • Steel serrated auger with 14 inches in diameter;
  • Steel impeller with 14 inches in diameter and 3 blades;
  • A chute that rotates at 200°, with a 2.5x ice drill rotation and remote deflector control;
  • Cast iron gear case with steel alloy gears;
  • 20-watt halogen headlight.

All in all, ARIENS 921030 sits on 16 x 4.8 inches polar track tires enhanced with reversible steel skid shoes. It comes mostly assembled, requiring just the attachment of the discharge chute and the cables linking to the handle bar. Handwarmers and drift cutters can also be attached to this gas snow blower, on demand.

Now that we’ve done with the theory, let’s turn to practice. The insights from those who tested this unit firsthand go like this:

What customers have to say about ARIENS 921030

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Despite being a massive, bulky unit, this one takes little work in putting it together. Once taken out in the snow, this gas snow blower can tackle pretty much any kind of weather. It is solid and well-built, it gobbles the snow and throws it far away. And the auto turn feature is much appreciated.

But there’s one aspect that our readers and other people who used it keep mentioning. It seems that ARIENS 921030 has slight problems in maintaining the direction. Some have been struggling with it just the way it is but felt the need to complain about it. Others have contacted the manufacturer and received a pair of polyethylene skin shoes, the non-abrasive type. While this change didn’t exactly fix the issue, it brought a significant improvement, especially on flat surfaces.
Another observation was that, as powerful as it is, the unit tends to pick up gravel. So, if you’re not paying attention and making it to the alley’s surface, the snow you remove might contain gravel. With the chute pointed in the wrong direction, accidents can happen. But it’s ok as long as you watch out for your car and use the convenient chute control options.
Last but not least, the unit is a bit noisy… This means that using it late in the night probably won’t be the best idea. And the headlight supposed to help you see better at night can make it difficult to see the shift lever. Again, contacting the manufacturer should give you access to a form fitting tape that will cover the top of the headlight.

Pros & cons of using this gas snow blower

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Everything you’ve read so far, with some exceptions, makes us notice that ARIENS 921030 comes with a few major advantages:

  • Very easy to assemble, even for the less tech-savvy user;
  • Features both electric and pull-cord start;
  • It is a sturdy unit made of steel, cast iron, and steel alloys;
  • Easy to handle, despite its weight, thanks to the freewheel steering;
  • Great throwing distance and power;
  • A quite generous warranty;
  • Manufactured in America.

Now, for the less great aspects… Obvious or not so obvious, there’s not too much to say other than the fact that ARIENS 921030:

  • Includes no extension cord in the delivery package – even when you’ve assembled it, you still need to go buy a cord and make it fully functional.
  • Has no heated handles – this potential problem on freezing weather can be solved, however, for an extra cost, with the optional handwarmers;
  • It has no steering control levers;
  • It can be noisy and, sometimes, difficult to maintain in straight line.

Warranty & support terms for ARIENS 921030

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This American-manufactured gas snow blower with a price that some may find hefty makes up with an impressive warranty. The overall ARIENS 921030 unit has a standard 90-day commercial warranty but an encouraging 3-year consumer warranty.

Separately, its solid gear case boasts a 1-year commercial warranty and a 5-year consumer warranty. As expected:

  • All terms apply to the original purchaser of the product;
  • The policy will cover defects in material and workmanship;
  • Parts subjected to wear and tear are not replaceable through warranty;
  • Any repair intervention will have to be performed by an authorized Ariens dealer;
  • And inappropriate maintenance, using parts that are not genuine Ariens, or misuse will void the warranty.

VERY IMPORTANT: use of any gasoline blend that exceeds 10% ethanol will automatically void any kind of warranty!

Final considerations of ARIENS 921030

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You’ve seen the advantages and you’ve seen the drawbacks. You’ve heard about the attractive warranty and support terms. And the fact that this gas snow blower is made in America and, if necessary, will also be serviced here… Well, that’s a major plus that goes without saying.

Of course, if you live in an area where winters aren’t much of a problem, this unit may be too much. If heavy snow and blizzards are like the norm in your region, then give ARIENS 921030 a good thought. Speaking of harsh conditions, the manufacturer can even sell you tire chains or a dedicated cab for wind protection. So, there’s more to say about it, but it’s obvious that ARIENS 921030 should be on top of your list. At least when it comes to selecting a heavy-duty snow blower!

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