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AAVIX AGT1420 snow blower

Manufactured by Warrior Tools America Corp, the AAVIX AGT1420 snow blower makes a decent, affordable option to electric snow throwers. Even though conceived for residential use and most suitable for areas with moderate snowfall, this model is raising some interest. Below we discuss the features of AAVIX AGT1420 in its smallest form, the 20-inch version. Wondering whether to make it your next choice or not? Read on and find out the pros and cons of purchasing this particular model:

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Technical Features
Snow Blower Design
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AAVIX AGT1420 main technical features

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The manufacturer of this snow blower sells it in four different configurations. The most affordable one, which we are currently reviewing, features a 20-inch clearing path. Powered by a 4 stroke engine at 87Cc, OEM Branded with 3.3 ft-lb torque, the unit is pretty powerful.

Think of it as a single stage, one phase model, fueled with gas. AAVIX AGT1420 has two separate tanks: a 0.35 liter oil tank and a 1.58 liters fuel tank. According to the official recommendations, the unit works best with 5W-30 oil and clean, unleaded petrol.
As expected, the product is delivered without oil, requiring a proper filling before use as well as regular oil changes. The same goes for the fuel, which tends to deteriorate over time, requiring storage of fewer than 30 days.

When properly assembled and with the right levels of oil and fuel, the snow blower takes a simple recoil start. After that, it will bite chunks of snow, clearing paths of 20-inch width and 21-inch depth. As per the manufacturer’s statement, the model features a maximum working height of 12-inch and an 89.9 lbs/min plowing capacity.

The design of AAVIX AGT1420 snow blower

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Taken out of the box, an AAVIX AGT1420 snow blower will require some assembling work. Putting together the handle and the lower chute, as well as prepping the engine, can take about 30 minutes. In the end, you should set up a 65 pounds machine, measuring 23 x 20 x 25 inches.

This simple unit features 7-inch wheels that support a long-lasting, heavy-duty steel construction. More precisely, the 8-inches auger is made of steel, the chute is made of plastic, and the actual body is made of metal.
The upper spout has a maximum angle of 60 degrees, and the lower spout a maximum angle of 180 degrees. Handling moderate snow with it, as long as it is not very firmly compressed, is rather fast.

A bit noisier and obviously bulkier compared to some electric models, it’s still a good choice. Aside from being less heavy than its direct, gas-fueled competitors, it also works its way through the snow with ease.

What customers have to say about AAVIX AGT1420

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One of the reasons why most buyers are interested in this particular snow blower is the price. Using it, however, makes room for all kinds of reviews, depending on different personal experiences and contexts:

  • Customers who were actually happy about it insist on how important it is to read the manual.
  • Some proper maintenance is also recommended, especially since AAVIX AGT1420 is powered by an engine with a carburetor. Taking care of it by the book is essential, those who do the maintenance being pleased with how it works.
  • Its efficiency being analyzed with reference to its size, some customers even notice that for such a small snow blower, it works well.
  • While the set up is rather straight forward, some people find it a bit difficult to get it started. The manufacturer, indeed, points out particular steps for turning it on, and overlooking those could cause some confusion.
  • The recoil start is another problematic aspect, some customers complaining that they are pulling it for minutes without any results.
  • Also, it appears that with heavy snow the chute tends to clog annoyingly often.

To sum up, opinions are divided. Some are obviously disappointed, even with how the customer support answers their complaints. Others, despite admitting it isn’t an amazing blower, believe that AAVIX AGT1420 still worth the investment. Apparently, one would have to know how to handle it and do it according to the instructions.

Pros & cons of using this snow blower

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Judging by the entire above, AAVIX AGT1420 comes with lots of benefits, but with potentially just as many drawbacks…

On the plus side, we should mention:

  • Affordable costs;
  • Easy assembling;
  • Extra power compared to electric models;
  • Compact and lightweight design, compared to other gas models;
  • Decent plowing capacity;
  • No need to mix oil with fuel.

On the other hand, this snow blower can create problems because:

  • It doesn’t work very well on heavy or wet snow;
  • Its recoil starter can sometimes simply not work properly, making it difficult to start the machine;
  • The plastic chute doesn’t feel very sturdy and it can clog often;
  • It requires careful maintenance and proper off-season fuel draining;
  • Some screws tend to loose or fall rather often, requiring periodic checks;
  • The customer support can sometimes be a pain to get in touch with.

Warranty & support terms for AAVIX AGT1420

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Compared to other models, AAVIX AGT1420 only comes with a 1-year limited manufacturing warranty. This one applies from the moment of the original purchase, and exclusively for personal use. Should the product be rented or used for commercial purposes, the warranty goes down to only 30 days.

As expected, no wear or maintenance parts of this snow blower make the subject of any kind of warranty. Moreover, any part replaced through warranty will be considered a part of the original product. Consequently, even the changed parts will benefit from the same, shorter warranty, as the initially bought model. Otherwise said, a part changed 4 months after the initial purchase will only have 8 months left of warranty.
Last but not least, the warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse, neglect, accidents, contaminated fuel or tune-ups.

Final considerations of AAVIX AGT1420

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Deciding to buy an AAVIX AGT1420 snow blower can be a tough choice. With so many controversial reviews out there, it’s challenging indeed. Nevertheless, for someone living in an area with mild winters, this snow blower is still a decent option. And if you happen to be good with engines and know how to take care of it, it’s even better. Suppose you need a replacement of the product, purchasing AAVIX AGT1420 from Amazon should offer you an extra safe net. So if you’re pleased with the price and you think you could handle it, give this gas model a try. You might as well be one of those happy customers!

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